Student leaders recognized with Dave Marshall Leadership Awards

Each year at Nipissing University, 25 full-time students are recognized with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award. The recipients of this prestigious award have made an outstanding extra-curricular contribution to their academic program, to the campus, or to the greater community. These students have demonstrated exceptional leadership, initiative, commitment, and an ability to motivate and influence others toward the betterment of Nipissing University.

The Dave Marshall Leadership Awards were established in recognition of the dedication and leadership Dr. Dave Marshall demonstrated during his 18 years of consecutive service as the Dean of Education and President and Vice-Chancellor of Nipissing University. 

Dr. Marshall’s tenure at Nipissing University reflects his commitment to higher education, vision for the future, and leadership in external community service. These were all characteristics reflective of Dr. Marshall’s position at Nipissing University and are qualities embodied in the students chosen for this award.

Congratulations to each of the 2020 Dave Marshall Leadership Award recipients:

Academic Recipients

  • Ysabel Castle
  • Connor Monk
  • Kimberly Montgomery
  • Brittney Robinson
  • Lauren Smith
  • Grace Tiersma
  • Sydnee Wiggins
  • Nathan Young

Campus Recipients

  • Emerson Bach
  • Taylor Blacker
  • Philip Commonda
  • Christina Critelli
  • Mandi Genah
  • Daniel Goulard
  • Aidan Haghgoo
  • Brody Laberge
  • Hannah Mackie
  • Samantha Moore
  • Nicole Payne
  • Julianne Sevigny

Community Recipients

  • Eric Brownlee
  • Jetta Derenoski
  • Ava Keis
  • Olivia Pitcher
  • Amber St-Jean

You can watch a video of Dr. Marshall addressing the award recipients below:

Dave Marshall Leadership AwardMy Nipissing