Board of Governors

The Nipissing University Act (1992) provides for a bicameral governance of the University and thus, governance is based on two legislative branches: the Board of Governors and the Academic Senate. The Board of Governors, which is made up of 26 members including Nipissing’s President and Chancellor, is responsible for the government and administration of the University, creating a mandate and evaluating and monitoring the progress of that mandate. This includes control of Nipissing’s property and revenues and the conduct of its business affairs except for those matters assigned to the Academic Senate.

The Board of Governors meets at least five times a year, and we invite you to follow the links to view the minutes of these meetings. Find out more about the Board's composition, committees and activities by choosing one of the categories listed.

Governing Officers

Board of Governors

(effective July 1, 2019)

Chancellor - Dr. Paul Cook (d.Litt)
Chair - Mr. Tom Palangio
Vice-Chair - Dr. Karen Barnes, DVM
Vice-Chair Pro Tem - Mr. Karl Neubert
President – Dr. Mike DeGagné

Non-Constituent Members

Ms. Marianne Berubé
Ms. Fran Couchie
Mr. Stuart Kidd
Ms. Joanne Laplante
Mr. Bobby Ray 
Ms. Judy Smith
Ms. Kathy Wilcox

Vacancy (x3)

Members Appointed by the Senate

Dr. Denyse Lafrance Horning
Dr. Hilary Earl

Members Appointed by the Faculty at Large

Dr. Toivu Koivukoski
Dr. Rick Vanderlee

Members Appointed by the Students

Ms. Hannah Mackie (NUSU President)
Ms. Tayler Sullivan (NUSU VP Finance & Administration)

Official Observers: 

Ms. Charlotte Foster ​(NUSU VP Advocacy & Awareness)
Ms. Shannon MacCarthy (NUSU VP Student Life) 

Member Appointed by the Alumni Advisory Board

Ms. Jade Nighbor

Members Appointed by the Non-teaching Employees

Mr. Ryan Hehn
Mr. Stephen Tedesco

Member Appointed by the Aboriginal Council on Education

Ms. Rose Jawbone

Mayoral Designate

Mr. Marcus Tignanelli