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NUlistens - Mental Health and Wellness programming

NUlistens is a campus wide outreach and prevention program focused on student’s mental and emotional well-being, delivered in partnership between Student Counselling Services and the Student Intervention Services. Our primary goals are to increase understanding of mental and emotional challenges that students may face during their time at University and to increase their knowledge about support services available. NUlistens is the umbrella brand for the mental health outreach and prevention on Nipissing Campus.

Campus Community: NUlistens works towards fostering a supportive campus culture through awareness and educational programming and providing access to vetted resources including the supporting students folder.

Students: NUlistens engages students in awareness of services and skill building events that are designed around campus needs. This includes initiatives such as REAL TALK.

NUlistens events provide opportunities for campus wide dialogue about positive mental health, safety and wellness.

Who is a NUlistener:

An NUlistener is a faculty or staff member who provides supportive non-judgmental listening to a student and will refer them to appropriate services if needed. All NUlisteners will be identified to students by an office sign and by a list on our website.

Listeners must attend a 1.5 hour in-person orientation session hosted by the NUlistens team. The session will review best practices for supporting a student in distress, where to refer for specific student needs, and what additional support/training is available for NUlisteners.

NU Listens Desk Sign

NU Listener identification​

You can identify faculty and staff who have been trained to respond and refer you to resources by an NUlistens sign in their work-space.

The role of a NUlistener

What is included in the role:

  • Engaged in the wellness of the campus community
  • Provide supportive non-judgmental response to students who requires support
  • Provides information and referral to the student regarding appropriate resources
  • Engages in ongoing learning regarding supporting students

What is not included in the role:

  • Does not provide crisis services
  • Does not provide counselling, therapy or treatment to a student
  • Does not provide advice (unless an emergency)
  • Does not promise confidentiality


What is an Emergency?

  • Student is planning to die by suicide
  • Student plans to harm others
  • Student is experiencing an acute mental health crisis
  • Student requires medical attention

What to do:

  • Stay with the student until help arrives
  • Get Help
  • Call 911
  • Campus security – ext 5555 or 705-498-7244
  • Call Counselling Services –ext 4507(office hours)
  • Seek support from a sexual assault nurse at the hospital

Listener Development and Support

Listeners will have exclusive access to a mailing list for tips & tricks, FAQs sheets, and articles on best practices in supporting students. Listeners can engage with each other in a group conversation about pressing issues and themes they are seeing with students.

Listeners will have access to mental health training such as Mental Health First Aid, safeTALK, and more. Additionally, listeners can speak one-on-one with the Student Intervention Specialist, who is a practicing Psychotherapist and Registered Social worker, for guidance and debriefing around student situations.

How to become an NUlistener?

Listeners must attend an in-person orientation session hosted by the NUlistens team. The session will review best practices for supporting a student in distress, where to refer for specific student needs, and what additional support/training is available for NUlisteners.

Faculty and Staff who are interested in learning more about becoming an NUlistener can contact us at for future NUlistens Orientation dates.

Current NUlisteners

  • Alison Jackson
  • Andrea Havercroft
  • Andrew Mills
  • Angela Nicholls
  • Angela Roque
  • April Gardiner
  • April Raftis 
  • Carly Turcotte
  • Dr. Casey Phillips
  • Christine Benoit
  • Christopher Piekarski
  • Cindy Brownlee
  • Courtney Hughes
  • Courtney Meyer
  • Danielle Morrow
  • Darlene Stone
  • Dayle MacFarlane-Fairbarn
  • Debra Lafrate
  • Diane Sheldon
  • Doris Olmstead
  • Emily Brown
  • Emily Gibson
  • Eric Yung
  • Erica Skouras
  • Gemma Victor
  • Genevieve de Bruyn
  • Dr. Graydon Raymer
  • Jade Nighbor
  • Jane Hughes
  • Dr. Jennifer Barnett
  • Jennifer Mercer
  • Jill Knox
  • Joe Giroux
  • Kate DeVuono
  • Katie Sills
  • Dr. Katrina Srigley
  • Kayla Fitzsimmons
  • Kayley Gravelle
  • Kyle Anderson
  • Kyle Weatherall
  • Laura Sinclair
  • Leanne Fletcher
  • Lindsey Voisin
  • Dr. Logan Hoehn
  • Lynn Peters
  • Lynne Cotie
  • Mackenzie Daley
  • Maggie Byers
  • Maggie Daniel
  • Marilyn Johnson
  • Mary-Ann Gilchrist
  • Meagan King
  • Meagan McLellan
  • Melanie Lanois
  • Melissa Corrente
  • Michael Bourke
  • Michelle Banks
  • Michelle Courville
  • Mike Walker
  • Mylae Robson
  • Nancy Anello
  • Nancy Pottery
  • Nicole McTavish
  • Pamela Dunn
  • Patti Crossley
  • Paul Courville
  • Rachel Norman
  • Rick Fehr
  • Samantha Fraser
  • Sandra Brownlee
  • Sarah Cantin
  • Sarah Marinelli
  • Sarah Taylor
  • Dr. Sarah Winters
  • Stacie Thomson
  • Stephanie Vennard
  • Tanya Lukin-Linklater
  • Dr. Tara-Lynn Scheffel
  • Terra Nevrencan
  • Terry Mady
  • Valerie Edmunds
  • Vanessa Brousseau
  • Veronica Afonso
  • Victoria Vescio
  • Wenda Caswell


NU Listens events and programming are designed to make students aware of the importance of their wholistic well-being, and the of variety of support services available to them on campus.

Students can identify events coordinated through the NUlistens program by the logo displayed alongside event information and materials.

If you are in immediate danger or a life-threatening situation, CALL 911