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​​Welcome to the Computer Science at Nipissing University

We offer the following degree options

​The Computer Science program provides a strong foundation in computer science theory and in its practical applications including neural networks, artificial intelligence, robotics, graphics, computer security, software engineering, and game design. You may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science, based on your preference and the courses you choose. This will allow you to tailor your degree to be more applied or theoretical by selecting courses that align with your interests, and you will be supported by faculty who are genuinely interested in providing you with the skills to make your dreams a reality. You also have the option of simultaneously attaining a Certificate in Game Design and Development.

Certificate in Game Design and Development

Love video games? The Certificate in Game Design and Development, teaches you the skills you need to design game-related computer applications, and other similar types of software. You will learn skills in advanced programming, software engineering, design, and algorithm development. Some of your courses will cover the introduction to game design and development, 3D computer graphics, animation software, and artificial intelligence. This certificate will prepare you for a career in the fast-growing gaming industry.

Certificate in Digital Humanities

(Any graduating student who has met the requirements)

If you are interested in studying the digital world and new media, check out the Digital Humanities Certificate. This certificate meets the growing need for training in the digital world among the humanities field, offers you a specialization in new media studies, and is available to any graduating student who has met the requirements for the certificate.

Certificates available to all Nipissing Students

a student in the computer science physics lab

Our technological facilities are ​up-to-the-minute, including computer labs and robotics labs. We also

provide access to SHARCNET, a consortium of universities who share a network of high performance computers that enables research.

     The Sun Lab

       a dedicated Computer Science instructional space

     Physics Lab

     Robotics Lab

Computer Science Research

Collaborative Systems Laboratory (CoSys)

Research in the CoSys lab is focused on Collaboration Theory, Technologies, Systems, and Applications (Role-Based Collaboration and Adaptive Collaboration), Human-Machine Systems, CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work), Multi-Agent Systems, Software Engineering, and Distributed Intelligent Systems.


SHARCNET is a consortium of 18 colleges, universities and research institutes operating a network of high-performance computer clusters across south western, central and northern Ontario.

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Scholarships, awards, and bursaries for students in Computer Science programs

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Program Coordinator

Full-time Faculty

Part-time Faculty

“As a Transfer student who has spent much of his time living in Southern Ontario there is something I missed very deeply about the place I grew up. The Pine Trees and undulating hills of the Canadian Shield give a town a completely different feel than those down south. Going to school in North Bay is amazing in it's own way. Living at lower residence I always have the opportunity to walk to class. In the fall it's through the changing leaves of Ontario's forests, in the winter the snow and silence, and in the spring the melting snow streaks the landscapes with small streams of running water. I find this atmosphere so relaxing in a way that is so important while dealing with the high stress environment of a tough program at University. Growing up in a small town, I feel at ease in the university, with its small classes and a campus atmosphere like the easygoing days of high school. Professors you know and get a feel for, and can feel confident that they can be approached during office hours. Nipissing is an excellent school for those who are daunted by relentless academic pressure from large universities, or feel intimidated by the thought of living in a huge city.”

Logan Burden - 4th Year Science and Technology, Specializing in Robotics

A Computer Science degree is valuable. While many graduates pursue careers in programming, there are many other options available to you as well.

A range of careers is possible with a Computer Science degree: software engineer, artificial intelligence specialist, systems developer, web designer, and data processing director, to name only a few! You may decide to pursue graduate studies or go on to professional schools like law or teaching.

Career and Academic Options

  • Graduate Studies
  • Professional School (Education, Law, MBA, Social Welfare)
  • Careers in areas such as child welfare, social services, counseling, community advocacy, and community mental health