Debwendizon Indigenous Youth Education Gathering

In Anishnaabemwin "debwendizon" is related to the Seven Grandfather Teachings – the teaching of debwewin or truth – and means "to believe in yourself." Debwendizon is an annual Indigenous Youth Education Gathering held on campus. In this interactive visit to Nipissing University, Indigenous youth will participate in a series of hands-on learning activities led by our campus community – Indigenous university students, faculty, and Office of Indigenous Initiatives' staff. We hope that you will experience first hand why you belong at Nipissing University!

In the winter of 2014 Muriel Sawyer named the Indigenous Youth Education Gathering at Nipissing University in Anishnaabemwin. Muriel Sawyer is from Nipissing First Nation and has taught Anishnaabemwin (Ojibwe lanugage) for over 40 years. She explains that in Anishnaabemwin, Debwendizon is rooted in one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings - the teaching of Debwewin or Truth. Debwendizon means to "believe in yourself." Muriel explains that "It's much more than education. In order to pursue an education you need to believe that you can. So, by saying debwendizon, you are commanding your spirit, and yourself to say I believe in myself."


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