Mentorship and Networking Platforms

NU Café - Ten Thousand Coffees

What if every student and alumni from Nipissing University had five to fifteen new connections to learn, share, and grow?

Join this network to:

  • Help shape the careers of students and young alumni by sharing your career advice and experience
  • Develop your networking and mentoring skills through real-world practice
  • Build your network of other Nipissing University alumni and faculty based on your industry and interests

As a graduate from Nipissing University you have valuable life and career advice to share. With 85% of jobs being filled via networking and 2.4 million jobs available over the next four years, it is key for students to receive support and advice from those in industry. The top skills companies are looking for across ALL industries are active listening, speaking, critical thinking and social perceptiveness. Everyone can improve these skills by connecting with others, sharing your story and asking thoughtful questions.

Powered by Ten Thousand Coffees, NU Café is an exclusive networking and mentoring platform that introduces you to alumni and students based on specific career interests and goals. You can schedule and set up a coffee chat in-person or online.

How does NU Café work?

  • You’ll receive a monthly introduction to a student or fellow alumni based on your career interests and goals
  • Suggest a time to chat, in-person at a coffee shop or online from the comfort of your home, to share your advice and experience
  • Receive an official LinkedIn certification to recognize your commitment to mentoring and networking
  • Once you join, all introductions are sent directly to your inbox, so you don’t need to use another tool!

How do I join?

The easiest and quickest way to gain access is to sign-up using your alumni email address here!

Ten Thousand Coffees is supported by RBC Future Launch


There are two LinkedIn Groups that are hosted by the Nipissing University Alumni Relations Office. The Nipissing University Alumni group on LinkedIn connects Nipissing University alumni from around the world! Membership is open to all Nipissing University graduates. Also, be sure to visit the Nipissing University Mentor Network group, a space where alumni, current students, faculty, staff and employers can connect to discuss career-specifics topics, issues, and advice.

Become a Nipissing University Alumni Mentor!

The Advancement Office is excited to launch our new mentor program on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network! Click here to join the Nipissing University Mentor Network on LinkedIn.

About the Nipissing University Mentor Network

Nipissing University alumni, students, faculty, staff and employers are all invited to join the new Nipissing University Mentor Network on LinkedIn!

The Nipissing University Alumni Mentors will serve as a resource to educate Nipissing students and recent graduates on career related topics, connect with students and other alumni to expand their network, and empower students to confidently negotiate the professional world.

Nipissing University Alumni Mentors may be a resource for students by:

  • Participating in helpful, career-related discussions on our LinkedIn group page
  • Providing one-on-one career mentoring to students when they message you on LinkedIn
  • Writing articles about what it's like to work in a certain job or field, or offer insight on general career topics
  • Offering relocation tips or insight about living in certain geographical areas
  • Participating in career panels and other events on campus

We are currently working to populate the Nipissing University Mentor Network group on LinkedIn and will launch the Network to our Business students on September 24, 2013 and then to the entire student population in January, 2014!

How Do I Get Started?

Anyone who is willing to serve as a resource for Nipissing Students and Alumni is welcome to join the Nipissing University Mentor Network. We are looking to build a diverse network of professionals across different career fields, academic backgrounds, geographical locations, and cultures. We not only encourage alumni to join our Mentor Network, but all friends of Nipissing University including alumni, students, faculty, staff, and employers.

  1. Join LinkedIn. Not on LinkedIn yet? See below for information on how to sign up and build a professional profile on LinkedIn.
  2. Join the group on LinkedIn. Follow this link to find the Nipissing University Mentor Network group on LinkedIn. Next, click the yellow “Join Group” button below the group description. Your request for membership should be approved within 2 business days.
  3. Participate in Discussions. Current Nipissing students, other mentors, Alumni Relations Staff and the Office of Student Development & Services will post questions and topics of discussion. You can share your valuable expertise, advice, and insight by participating in these posts.

Getting Started on LinkedIn:

  1. Create an Account at​
  2. Update your Profile. Learn about building a professional profile by watching this short video.
  3. Join the Nipissing University Mentor Network group on LinkedIn.

Thank you for taking the time to mentor current students and recent graduates!​​​​