Quit Smoking

Leave the Pack Behind

Leave the Pack Behind

Smoking Cessation Program

Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) is a smoking cessation program that offers young adults smoking and quitting information, personalized support, and quitting resources such as patches and gum -- Free of cost!

This program is available on Campus for all students!

For more Information visit the Campus Health Centre or visit www.leavethepackbehind.org

Thinking About Quitting

Ways to Quit


Cold Turkey

Cold turkey works best when you have a plan

So, read this booklet, make a plan, & quit

  • Stick with your plan
  • Even if cold turkey doesn’t work this time, try it again ‘til it does!

Quit with Friends

Get a friend who smokes to quit with you

Tell friends who smoke to not smoke around you

  • Ask friends to keep you distracted & send you positive texts

Smokers’ Helpline

Free practical tools, proven strategies and personalized support

Visit www.smokershelpline.ca or call the number on cigarette packages or 1-877-513-5333

  • Choose the online programs, text support or phone services that you want
  • Don’t worry: no one will preach at you to quit – their Quit Coaches get it, and are available 7 days a week

Speak to a Health Professional

Talk to a nurse, doctor or pharmacist on your campus about your quit plan

  • Talk about: what happened the last time you tried to quit; what you plan to do this time; & whether medications might help