Thesis Option

In addition to the Major Research Paper option, the M.Sc. in Mathematics program also offers a thesis option. A thesis requires students to become more deeply proficient in an area of mathematics than is standard in an MRP. A thesis is generally (depending on the topic) longer and more detailed than an MRP. Because of its more advanced nature, a thesis requires more time to complete than an MRP. Additionally, a thesis generally (but not always) contains multi- and inter-disciplinary aspects, and will usually involve research into advanced areas of mathematics and computational science.

Thesis Option Requirements

Students will complete 24 credits according to the Thesis option. In this option, students will complete four (4) 3-credit courses and write a Thesis worth 12 credits, normally within two years. Students in the Thesis option will complete the following:

Core courses:

MATH 5066 General Topology 3 cr.
MATH 5086 Functional Analysis 3 cr.

Plus (2) two of the following 3-credit courses: Note that not every course will be offered each year.

MATH 5036 Measure Theory 3 cr.
MATH 5056 Algebra 3 cr.
MATH 5046 Complex Analysis 3 cr.
MATH 5067 Introduction to Algebraic Topology 3 cr.
MATH 5236 Advanced Numerical Methods 3 cr.
MATH 5237 Computational Topology 3 cr.
MATH 5246 Optimization 3 cr.
MATH 5247 Cryptography & Coding Theory 3 cr.
MATH 5256 Graph Theory 3 cr.
MATH 6101 Selected Topics in Pure Mathematics 3 cr.
MATH 6201 Selected Topics in Computational Mathematics 3 cr.
MATH 6206 Graduate Seminar in Mathematics 3 cr.
MATH 6207 Graduate Seminar in Mathematics 3 cr.

In addition to the courses above, students will complete the following Thesis course:

MATH 6100 Thesis 12 cr.