Meet student leader Nicolai MacKenzie

Nicolai MacKenzie DMLA
Nicolai MacKenzie DMLA

Nipissing students consistently impress as leaders, in the classroom, on campus and in the community.  Recently the university celebrated 25 student leaders at the annual Dave Marshall Leadership Awards.  Over the coming months, NU News will introduce each student leader to the wider community with a short article discussing their accomplishments and activities. Today, we are pleased to profile Nicolai MacKenzie, who is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree, with Honours Specialization in Environment and Physical Geography.

MacKenzie has been involved on campus as the President of the Geography Club, a Townhouse Residence Complex Don, and as the Athletics and Wellness Executive for Residents’ Council. He consistently seeks out opportunities to get others involved in sports, Residence Life events, or workshops offered by Student Development and Services. He has recruited students to participate in intramural softball, went out of his way to help one student find an affordable way to participate in basketball, and can often be found encouraging others to come out to support the Lakers at a variety of different events. As President of the Geography Club, MacKenzie takes time to spread knowledge about the subject to any student interested through events, booths, and office hours.

Everything MacKenzie says and does promotes community building. As a Residence Don, he often collaborates on meaningful community building programs with Residents’ Council and other Residence Life team members. He chooses his words carefully and always uses inclusive language. MacKenzie has taken the information he attained through participation in the Safe Talk, Consent +, Bringing in the Bystander, and Gender 101 workshops, and has implemented it into his day-to-day interactions.

MacKenzie is a genuine and caring person who brings a positive and calm atmosphere wherever he goes.

The university community is proud to recognize Nicolai MacKenzie with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category.

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