Meet student leader Madison Aucoin

Madison Aucoin DMLA

Nipissing students consistently impress as leaders, in the classroom, on campus and in the community. Recently the university celebrated 25 student leaders at the annual Dave Marshall Leadership Awards. Over the coming months, NU News will introduce each student leader to the wider community with a short article discussing their accomplishments and activities. Today, we are pleased to profile Madison Aucoin, who is working toward a bachelor of arts degree, with honours in English studies and History.

Aucoin has been actively involved in the Nipissing University campus community as a residents’ council executive, residence office assistant, guest services representative, English club volunteer, and residence don. 

As a residents’ council executive, Aucoin was nominated by her peers to take on the responsibility of advocating for their interests, decision making on their behalf, and planning social programming. In this role, Aucoin worked alongside residence life management staff to provide input on important department policy updates and other key decisions. In these conversations, Aucoin demonstrated her capacity for putting community development first. 

As a residence don, Aucoin excelled in each facet of her role. She learned and practiced skills in the areas of higher education, teamwork, communication, event assistance, marketing, mental health awareness, and pro-social behaviour. She aided in creating a positive community environment for students and supported them in their transition to university life. She demonstrated excellence in her ability to make referrals to appropriate campus resources, assess situations, ensure the health and security of residents, and follow departmental policies. 

Aucoin is honest, determined, adaptable, enthusiastic, and helpful. There is no doubt the campus community has been strengthened thanks to her involvement. 

The university community is proud to recognize Madison Aucoin with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Campus Category. 

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