Meet student leader Chad Tremblay

Nipissing students consistently impress as leaders, in the classroom, on campus and in the community.  Recently the university celebrated 25 student leaders at the annual Dave Marshall Leadership Awards.  Over the coming months, NU News will introduce each student leader to the wider community with a short article discussing their accomplishments and activities. Today, we are pleased to profile Chad Tremblay, who is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.
Tremblay excels academically while working as a pharmacy technician at a local pharmacy, volunteering as a researcher in the Human Evolution Laboratory, and being involved on campus as a second-year representative for the Nipissing University Nursing Society. 

In the classroom, he solidifies his knowledge gained at work by asking pertinent questions often addressing content well above the course requirements, and by doing so, has provided his classmates the opportunity to enhance their understanding of medications and pharmacology for Nurses.

While volunteering in the Human Evolution Laboratory, Tremblay has gone above and beyond, dedicating himself to learning complex procedures usually reserved for graduate students. He is developing strong wet lab skills for complex biological assays, such as white blood cell counting, and has obtained significant training and certification in the requisite health and safety procedures required to perform such work, including blood-born pathogen training, biological safety cabinet and autoclave training, and Public Health Agency of Canada Training. Tremblay’s drive to assist with complex research sets a good example to others about what it takes to make important research achievements. In the summer of 2018, Tremblay will be assisting with various manuscript preparations and conference presentations as a co-author.

Tremblay is dependable and hardworking. His peers speak highly of him as a student and as a person. He is energetic, kind-hearted, and always has a smile for everyone.

The university community is proud to recognize Chad Tremblay with a Dave Marshall Leadership Award in the Academic Category. 


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