Emeritus Emerita Policy

Policy Name:​ Professor Emeritus/Emerita​
Policy Category:​ ​Senate
Policy Number:​ ​4.1.2012 - S1
​Responsible Department: ​Office of the President
​Approval Date: ​December 2012
​Approval Authority: ​Senate
​Review Date: ​November 2017
​Last Updated: ​December 2001

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the terms and process for the nomination of Professor Emeritus/Emerita.

B. Eligibility and Conditions

The title of Professor Emeritus/Emerita:

  1. must be conferred within three years of retirement;
  2. *faculty must have held the rank of Full Professor;
  3. faculty must have rendered distinguished service to the university through teaching, research and/or scholarship; and
  4. *faculty must have served the university in a full-time academic capacity for a period of not less than 10 years.

*Exceptions to the Full Professor rank or 10 year rule may be made in exceptional circumstances, if deemed appropriate by the Honorary Degrees Subcommittee.

C. Nominations Procedure

Nominations must be made to the Chair of the Honorary Degrees Subcommittee no later than January 31 of the year in which the honour is to be granted. The recommendations of the committee will be presented to Senate and the Board for approval.

Nominations must:

  1. be in writing;
  2. be accompanied by a curriculum vitae;
  3. include the reasons for the nomination along with supporting material showing the candidate’s contributions to the University; and
  4. have the signatures of at least five Nipissing University tenured faculty members from the Faculty in which the appointment is to be made.

D. Length of Term and Expectations

The "Emeritus/Emerita" designation is an honorific title and will be announced at the regular Convocation of Nipissing University. Professors Emeriti/ae will be invited to sit with faculty at all subsequent convocations.

The appointment is for life. No remuneration is attached to the title nor are there any formal duties or voting rights.