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Associate Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - School of Nursing
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Graduate Program Associate Faculty
Dr Williams is originally from Germany, but has lived in England, UK for the past 20 years, where she completed her nursing degree and PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Her clinical background is in respiratory and general medical nursing. She has worked in several UK Universities since completing her PhD in 2007, including post-doctoral research fellow posts on large research grants, and most recently as Departmental Lecturer and Director of the DPhil Evidence based Health Care Programme at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford, where she remains an honorary research fellow.
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Awards/ Grants:

2019                Africa-Oxford Initiative, University of Oxford; Travel Award Oyetunde and Williams £4763

2018-2019       University of Oxford Global Health Challenge Research Fund (Co-I): CRICK Study (Cardiovascular RIsk sCores in Kenya) - A qualitative study exploring the facilitators and barriers to the use of cardiovascular risk scores in Kenyan primary care settings; (DPhil fieldwork support for Tonny Muthee) £12,577

2018-2019       NIHR SPCR (PI) Williams et al: Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of an expanded NHS primary care workforce (Phase 1): stakeholder inquiry, conceptual framework development and design of a mixed methods evidence synthesis protocol and external funding application. £12,500

2017-2022      NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research: (Co-I) Farmer et al: Supporting people with type 2 diabetes in effective use of their medicine through use of a system comprising mobile health technology integrated with clinical care. £ 2.5 million

2016-2017      NSPCR: (Co-I) Nunan et al: The Evidence of Effects Page: Refinement of a tool for optimising evidence-based informed treatment decisions In Clinical practice (The EEPIC-1 study). £35,689

2016                Baily Thomas Charitable Fund: (Joint PI) Victor and Williams et al: Ageing and later life for people with a learning disability: exploring current evidence and setting priorities for future research, a scoping review £4965.33

2015-2018      NIHR HS&DR: (Co-I): Powell et al: Improving NHS Quality Using Internet Ratings and Experiences (INQUIRE) £ 605,860

2015- 2020      Wellcome Trust Senior Joint Investigator Award: (External Collaborator) Macnaughton, J (Durham) and Carel, H. (Bristol) ‘Life of Breath’ £1.5 million project website:

2009-2013       The Dunhill Medical Trust, Project Grant: (Co-I) Victor, C.; Williams, V.; Martin, W., LeMay, A.; Richards, S. and Oliver D. Bridging the gap between policy and practice: dignity in care for older people. £121,254

2006                ESRC Training Bursary £760

2005                Royal College of Nursing Research Society, Marjorie Simpson New Researcher’s Award (in association with the Journal of Advanced Nursing) £200

2004- 2007      Luxfer PhD studentship, Luxfer Cylinders Ltd, £20,000

2002- 2007      PhD studentship, School of Health Professions and Rehabilitation
                         Sciences, University of Southampton, £30,000

2001                Prize for the Contribution to the Life of the School of Health Care; Oxford Brookes University

PG Cert (Teaching and Learning), University of Reading, UK
PhD, University of Southampton, UK
BSc (Hons), Oxford Brookes University, UK

Veronika’s research predominately focuses on improving health care services and patient care. Her research focuses on the experiences of people living with a long-term condition (with a particular interest in chronic respiratory disease and older people) and how we can support their self-management and health care needs. Her other interests are in health services research, such as skill mix and health service delivery in the health care workforce (with a focus on primary/ community health care settings), and digital health. She also has a strong interest in evidence based nursing and how we can bridge the gap between academia and clinical practice to provide evidence based nursing care whilst taking account of individual patient experience and needs.

Veronika has strong expertise in qualitative research methods, and has experience in conducting qualitative studies embedded within clinical trials (process evaluations); qualitative and mixed method evidence syntheses and systematic reviews; and mixed methods research. She is a Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on several UK based grants.

She has successfully supervised several MSc and PhD students and currently supervises four PhD students and is currently accepting students for research supervision in her areas of interest (both methods and topic area).


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Numbers don’t count - methods do

Advanced qualitative research methods in Evidence Based Healthcare

Facilitators and barriers to physical activity following pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD

Selected conference presentations

ISA World Congress of Sociology, July 15-21, 2018, Toronto, Canada: Victor, C, Williams, V and Kinnear, D. ‘Ageing with a Learning Disability: A Critical Literature Review’ (oral presentation)

The International Primary Care Respiratory Group IPCRG, annual world conference, 25th- 28th May 2016, Amsterdam, NL. Williams et al ‘Patient experiences of using a digital health intervention in COPD (EDGE) as part of everyday life: a qualitative study. (oral presentation)

Society of Academic Primary Care, annual conference, 8th-10th July 2015, Oxford, UK. Williams, V. et al ‘Patient experience of using a digital health application for self-management support in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. (oral presentation)

Society for Social Medicine, annual meeting 10th-12th September 2014; Oxford, UK. Williams, V. et al ‘Patients’ experience of identifying and managing exacerbations in COPD – a qualitative study’ (oral presentation)

American Thoracic Society, annual conference May 2014; San Diego, US. Hardinge, M; Rutter, H; Williams, V et al ‘Using A Mobile Health Application to Support Self- Management In COPD - A Cohort Feasibility Study’ (oral presentation)

British Society of Gerontology, Annual Conference 11th-13th September 2013; Oxford, UK: Williams, V. et al: ‘Managing chronic illness using tele-health: ‘“Too old to bother”?’ (oral presentation)

Gerontological Society of America, Annual Conference, 20th-24th November 2013; New Orleans, USA:  Victor, C, Williams V, Cairns D et al ‘Dignity in Care for Older People: Protecting the Vulnerable or Promoting Autonomy – the professionals’ perspectives’. Meeting abstract published in: Gerontologist, Vol 53  pg. 556-557, Supplement: 1, Nov 2013

The King’s Fund, Third Annual Congress on Telehealth and Telecare, 1st-3rd July 2013, London, UK: Williams, V. et al ‘Exploring patients’ perspectives of an mHealth application: a qualitative study as part of EDGE COPD’. (oral presentation) Abstract published in: Journal of Integrated Care, 2013; T&T Conf Suppl; URN:NBN:NL:UI:10-1-115700

International Visual Methods Conference, 13th- 15th September 2011, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK: Williams, V. and Martin, W. ‘Photographing Everyday Life: Findings from the Pilot study’ (oral presentation)

19th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 5th- 9th July 2009, Paris, France: Williams, V; McCrindle, R.; Victor, C.; Levene, P. Using a wearable assistive technology system– opportunities and threats’ (poster) published in: Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging. Vol. 13 supplement 1