Dr. Kurt Clausen

Kurt Clausen Photo
Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - Schulich School of Education
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Faculty
BA, Concordia University
MA, Concordia University
PhD, University of Ottawa
Graduate Diploma in Education, McGill University
Research Interests:

Dr. Clausen is interested in the historical development of curriculum in Canada, and the contextual analysis of these documents

Current & Future Research:

Along with partners at other Canadian universities, he is presently undertaking a comparative study of provincial social studies curricula, how they are created, implemented and received. 

The major focus of my scholarly work has been related to the historical development and design of the curriculum in Ontario and other Canadian provinces.  Most of my research time has therefore been devoted to a number of intertwined projects that further this research programme:  

Intersections:  Historical Contexts and Conceptions of Canadian Citizenship in Social Studies and History Curricula

Collaborators:   Dr. Lynn Speer Lemisko (U. Sask. ),Dr. Todd Horton ( Nipissing U. )

The ultimate goal of this research program, undertaken with these three collaborators, is to construct the history of social studies and history education in Canada by examining the curricula of these subjects as artefacts that are representative of and intimately related to the larger socio-political, economic and ideological context.  It can be claimed that curriculum documents represent the official version of knowledge necessary for citizenship in any given time period.  Therefore, the analysis and comparison of the content selected for inclusion in social studies and history curriculum documents can contribute to a better understanding of the conceptions of citizenship promoted across Canada , over time.  

Voices of Education in Ontario :  A Life History Approach

Collaborators:   Dr. Warnie Richardson ( Nipissing University )

The basic purpose of this particular research effort is to profile the lives of people, who, in this province, have informed and influenced the larger debate within public education.  This will be done by gathering their “life stories” in their own words.  From this, an anthology of their experiences will be created, and transcriptions presented to the public record for posterity’s sake.

Improving Student Learning Through Action Research

Collaborators:   Drs. Ron Wideman, Thomas Ryan, Dean Berry & Anna-Marie Aquino ( Nipissing University )

In this study, Primary/Junior level teachers will analyze the governmental test results taken by their students, identify areas for improvement, and use feedback/corrective action strategies to address the areas for improvement.  They will then assess the impact of the changes they make on improving student learning.  



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