Dr. Glenda Black

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Associate Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - Schulich School of Education
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Faculty
Dr. Glenda Black’s enthusiasm as an instructor in the Bachelor of Education and Graduate programs in the Schulich School of Education grows out of her experience and expertise as a teacher, school administrator, and researcher. As a university instructor, she is committed to ensuring her teaching is innovative and creative to meet the diverse interests and abilities of adult learners. In 2015 she was the recipient of Nipissing University’s Chancellors Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Black’s research interests are connected to her role as a faculty facilitator with the international teaching practicum and the Biidaaban Community Service-Learning program at Nipissing University. To help prepare teacher candidates to meet the complex needs of students in Canada’s diverse classrooms, she brings her research related to Indigenous education, classroom assessment, and associate teacher mentorship into the classroom. Dr. Black’s current research projects are funded through federal (SSHRC), provincial (Ministry of Education), and Nipissing University grants.
BA, University of Waterloo
BEd, Nipissing University
MEd, Nipissing University
EdD, University of Phoenix
Research Interests:

International Teaching Practicums, Indigenous Education, Community Service-Learning, Classroom Assessment, Action Research, Educational Leadership

Current & Future Research:
  • Exploring the effects of an international practicum at home and abroad (Funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - SSHRC)
  • Supporting Aboriginal adult learners and their families in their transition from Northern communities into the Nipissing First Nation and North Bay area (Funded by Ontario Ministry of Education)
  • Evaluating the impact of COPA programming (We All Belong and A Circle of Caring) across four school communities (Funded by Ontario Ministry of Education)
  • Professional development opportunities for associate teachers (Funded by Internal Research Grant)
Edited Books

Clausen, K., & Black, G. L. (Editors) (Accepted, in progress, 2018). The Future of Action Research in Education: A Canadian Perspective. Montreal, QC: McQueen-Queens University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapter

Black, G. L., Olmsted, B., & Clausen, K. (2016). A Framework for Teaching Professionalism in a Teacher Education Program.  In M. Hirschkorn & J. Mueller (Eds.), What should Canada’s teachers Know? Teacher capacities: Knowledge, beliefs and skills (pp. 127-161). Ottawa, ON: Canadian Association for Teacher Education.https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-36OcipMmoPeGxvd19xYmMyUVU/view

Black, G. L. (2016).  I am Successful! Developing Teacher Candidates’ Confidence and Self-Efficacy Through Reflection and Supervising Teacher Support.  In F. A. Bowles & C. J. Pearlman (Eds.), Enhancing Self-Efficacy in Action: Case Studies for Educator Preparation (pp.1-15). New York, NY: Rowan & Littlefield Education.https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781475825213/Self-Efficacy-in-Action-Tales-fro…

Non-Reviewed Book Chapter

​Black, G. L. (2011). Masters Journey. In T. Ryan (Ed.) The Masters’ of Education Journey: Reflections from Within. (pp. 86-98). North Bay, ON: Nipissing University.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Black, G. L., & Greenfield, M. (in press, Feb, 2018). Developing Cultural Responsive Teacher Candidates Through Community Service-Learning. Action in Teacher Education.

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

Black, G. L., Olmsted, B., Webster, C., Minor, S. (2015). Enhancing associate teacher support for mentoring teacher candidates in Ontario schools. In N. Dominguez (Ed). New Perspectives in Mentoring: A Quest for Leadership Excellence & innovation. Proceedings in the 2016, 8th Annual Mentoring Conference, 20-23 October, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Available at:http://mentor.unm.edu/conference/

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Papers in non-refereed journals and professional magazines

Black, G. L., Cantalini-Williams, M., Elliott-Johns, S. E., Guibert, J., & Wideman, R. (2015). FACES pilot project: The principal is pivotal in family and community engagement. Ontario Principals Council, 17(2), 14-19.

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Mady, C., Black, G. L., & Fulton, K. (October, 2010). Review of Ministry of Education policies affecting equitable access to FSL programs. The State of French Second Language Education in Canada 2009. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Parents for French.

Technical Reports

Black, G. L., Olmsted, B., Webster, C., Minor, S., Mottonen, A. L. (2015). Exploring Professional Development Opportunities for Associate Teachers. Full and executive summary submitted to thirteen participating Ontario school districts and Ministry of Education. (37 pages; 9,740 words).

Black, G. L. & Hachkowski, C. (2014, November). A handbook for educators of Aboriginal students. Handbook created for the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives.

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2015: Chancellors Award for Excellence in Teaching: Nipissing University