Dr. Carmen Shields

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Graduate Studies Department, Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - Schulich School of Education
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Faculty
BA, Acadia University
BEd, Acadia University
MEd, Acadia University
EdD, University of Toronto
Areas of Specialization:

Curriculum, Qualitative Research, Narrative Inquiry

Research Interests:

Narratives of Experience, Self-Study, The Art and Heart of Teaching and Learning, Communities of Practice

Current & Future Research:

Currently working on a book about activities and strategies for gaining access to past stories of experience for self-study work in teacher development

​​Sample Publications

2018. Shields, C. The power of curriculum as autobiographical text: Insights from utilizing narrative inquiry self-study in research, teaching, and living. In C. Hebert, N. Ng-A-Fook, A. Ibrahim, and B. Smith (Eds.), Internationalizing Curriculum Studies: Histories, Environments, and CritiquesNew York, NY: Springer International Publishing.

2017. Guiney Yallop, J., & Shields, C. The Art of Teaching Rests in Connection. In S. Wiebe (Ed.), Ways of Being in Teaching: Conversations and Reflections. Boston: Sense Publications 87-101.  

2016. Guiney Yallop, J.J. & Shields, C. The poetics of relationship: Thinking through pedagogy across time using narrative inquiry self-study and poetic inquiry. In N. Ng-A-Fook, G. Reis, and A. Ibrahim (Eds.), Provoking Curriculum Studies: Strong Poetry and the Arts of the Possible in Education. New York: Routledge 41-55. (Refereed)

2013. Shields, C., Wideman, R. & Coupal, A. Using action research to develop new strategic directions in a not for profit learning organization. Gibaran Journal of Applied Management, Volume 6, 55-68. (Refereed)

June 2012. Shields, C. & Wideman, R. A second look at an Ontario Provincial Student Success Initiative: An emergent ethic of care. Values and Ethics in Educational Administration Journal, Volume 10 (2), 1-7. (Refereed)

May 2012. McGinn, M.K., Shields, C. Belonging and non-belonging: Costs and consequences in Academic Lives. A Special Issue of Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor, Volume 19.(Refereed)

May 2011. Shields, C., Novak, N., Marshall, B. & Guiney Yallop, J. Providing visions of a different life: self-study narrative inquiry as an instrument for seeing ourselves in previously unimagined places. Narrative Works: Issues, Investigations, & Interventions 1(1), 63-77.

2009. Shields, C. & Reid-Patton, V. A curriculum of kindness: (Re) creating and nurturing heart and mind through teaching and learning. Brock Education, Volume 18, No. 2, Spring issue, 4-15.

2005. Shields, C. Using narrative inquiry to inform and guide our (re) interpretations of educative experience. The McGill Journal of Education, volume 40, 1, 179-188.

Commissioned Studies

2016. Shields, C., Tefler, S. & Bernard, J.L. Mapping the impact of the 21st Century innovation research initiative on students, teachers, and systems. Round 6. A Study for the 21st Century Innovation Research Initiative. Curriculum Services Canada. (Solicited)

2013-2014. Shields, C., Tefler, S., Bernard, J.L. “A Passport to a Changing Landscape: Advancing Pedagogy and Innovative Practices for Knowledge Mobilization and Skill Development in the 21st Century.” Round 3. A Study of Local Innovation Research Projects in Ontario. Curriculum Services Canada.

September 2013. Shields, C., Telfer, S., Bernard, J.L.  “Extending the landscape and enlarging the vision: pedagogy, technology, and innovative practices in a digital world.” Round 2. A pilot study of local innovation in Ontario School Boards. Curriculum Services Canada.

March, 2011. Wideman, R., Booth, D., Laronde, G., Shields, C., Waller, K. & Rich, S. Catching the train: Introducing MacBook Computers into the Nipissing University Pre-service Teacher Education Program. Nipissing University, North Bay, ON.

2007. Wideman, R. & Shields, C. Beacons to becoming: A qualitative research study of Learning to 18 lighthouse and rural schools lighthouse projects. Curriculum Services Canada. Toronto, ON. ​​