Dr. Brenda Bruner

Dr. Brenda Bruner
Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - Schulich School of Education - Physical and Health Education
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Faculty
BSc, University of Saskatchewan
MSc, University of Saskatchewan
PhD, University of Saskatchewan
Areas of Specialization:

Community-based physical activity health promotion

Research Interests:

Physical activity, healthy eating, chronic disease prevention, women's health, Aboriginal health, adolescent & emerging adult health, older adults

Current & Future Research:
  • Promoting a Population Level Intervention to Enhance Participation in Physical Activity: The Role of Marketing And Peer Ambassadors (Principal Investigator)
  • Integrating Academia and Practice: Evaluation of Conference and Workshop Effectiveness for Generating and Mobilizing New Knowledge (Principal Investigator)
  • Evaluation effectiveness of a computer-assisted wellness program (Principal Investigator)
  • Youth Driven Development in Aboriginal Communities: Impact Evaluation of the Active Circle Initiative (Co-investigator; Under review)
  • Effectiveness evaluation of a food skill and knowledge program among university students living in residence (Principal Investigator)

Refereed Journals

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Refereed Journals - Under Review

Reeder, B.A., Chad, K.E., Harrison, E.L., Ashworth, N.L., Sheppard, M.S., Fisher, K.L., Bruner, B.G., Sheilds, C., Pahwa, P., Hossain, M.A.. Centre vs. home-based physical activity for older adults: A 12-month follow-up to the Saskatoon in-motion randomized controlled trial.