Online Resource Library


Please read before proceeding

This online library includes resources that have been organized, developed and run separately from Student Counselling Services (SCS) at Nipissing University and does not necessarily reflect their suggestions, opinions or feelings. Each resource discusses stigmatized themes that include, but are not limited to, mental health, trauma, and various means of coping/healing. As such, some content is mature and may be triggering.

You will find a brief description for each resource that may help you discern what may or may not be helpful or supportive to you. Although this library was compiled with the intention of offering multi-media self-help resources to meet the unique needs of every individual, SCS encourages you to be mindful of potentially viewing difficult material and to ONLY proceed with acknowledgement of this. Please contact SCS to meet with a counsellor for information on other topics of concern or sought-after resources for specific diagnoses that are not yet reflected in this library. "