Summer Family Support Programs

To support students in their goal in achieving academic success, the Summer Aboriginal Education Programs has developed a number of daily activities for families of our students:

Youth Experience Program: Summer 2019

The Youth Experience Program is a series of week long learning experiences for children aged 3 to 8 years of age. Each week, youth will engage in a series of exciting learning activities designed to keep your child engaged and entertained while attending classes. Field trips to local attractions (Lake Nipissing beaches, museums, etc.) are included throughout the activities. All weekly activities will include days at the beach, various water play/activities, and daily hikes.

We ask parents/guardians to ensure that their children arrive at the Youth Experience Program with appropriate clothing and other items for the planned activities. This will include sneakers, bathing suits, towels, hats, and sunscreen. Please remember to pack a daily lunch and snacks for your child.

Parents can drop their children off starting at 8:00 am and children must be picked up by 6:00 pm daily (Monday-Friday). Please note that Monday, August 5th is a holiday and there is no Youth Experience Program running on this day.


Welcome to Summer Youth Camp! This week is all about getting to know each other and the areas around North Bay. Campers will decorate the Camp room to create our own tropical oasis which will host our tropical vacation for the week. This week is also jam-packed with activities to help our campers come out of their shell. Welcome week is sure to bring our campers together, and they will enjoy meeting new friends and getting a great start to a summer packed full of fun!


Every day is Earth day! Remember to pack your sunscreen because our campers will be exploring Mother Earth and all the things we can do to help protect our special planet.This week will allow campers to spend time learning about and experiencing the natural wonders around North Bay. Learning about recycling, gardening and creating natural and recycle based crafts can be expected in this jam packed week!


Get ready to hop on board Aladdin’s magic carpet as we set out to explore the magical kingdom of Disney. This week, campers will create Disney themed crafts. Campers will be encouraged to use their imaginations and creativity as we engage in activities with Moana, Simba, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey and so much more of our Disney friends. Of course, we cannot have a Disney week without watching a classic Disney movie!


Youth Camp becomes a space station this week as campers enjoy spaced themed games and activities that are out of this world! Crafts exploring the phases of the moon and a glow stick alien dance party helps campers build confidence and creativity as they reach for the stars! Campers will also get a special treat this week when we create some sweet constellation snacks and fruit rockets! This week is bound to end with a bang when we travel to the Science Explorations camp to watch them set off rockets!


This week campers will have fun with science! Through hands-on activities and games, campers will explore the fascinating wonders in the world of science. Campers will discover the incredible power of wind when we make our own kites and take part in a paper airplane toss competition. Crafts will bring campers to prehistoric times as we create dinosaur bath bombs and volcanic lava lamps. This week should spark campers natural curiosity while inspiring a love for science.


Saying goodbye to camp is never easy, but this week will ensure campers will have an amazing experience while they do.  Campers will participate in Youth Camp Olympics, a week packed with excitement and games. This week will be filled with physical activities such as an outdoor obstacle course with water games, Zumba, and so much more!!  At the end of the week there will be the final award ceremony for our favourite campers!

For more information and registration information, please email