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NU Homecoming

Come back home every year!

Head back to Nipissing to experience homecoming as an alumnus! Participate in events organized to help you catch up with your fellow alma mater, relive your university experience and create life-long memories.

Be sure to register online as an alumnus to gain access to exclusive events. Take a picture with your friends and tag us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtags #NipissingHomecoming and #NipissingAlumni.

We love to see your everlasting school spirit! 


  • Thursday

    Quae cum dixisset, finem ille. Quamquam non negatis nos intellegere quid sit voluptas, sed quid ille dicat. Progredientibus autem aetatibus sensim tardeve potius quasi nosmet ipsos cognoscimus. Gloriosa ostentatio in constituendo summo bono.
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