Dr. Tara-Lynn Scheffel

Dr. Tara-Lynn Scheffel
Associate Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - Schulich School of Education
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Faculty
Dr. Tara-Lynn Scheffel teaches courses in Language & Literacies and Educating Young Children and is advisor to NU Reads, a community-based literacy initiative led by teacher candidates. Dr. Scheffel is the lead partner for the Schulich School of Eduction helping to support the work of Ontario's Provincial Centre of Excellence for Early Years and Child Care. Previously, Dr. Scheffel was president of the Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada (LLRC).
BA, Brock University
BEd, Redeemer University
MEd, University of Western Ontario
PhD, University of Western Ontario
Areas of Specialization:

​Literacy Teacher Education; Literacy Engagement; Early Childhood Learning; Children’s Literature

Research Interests:

My research explores student/literacy engagement, community-based literacy initiatives, early childhood education, and literacy teacher education. Qualitative in nature, my research draws on narrative inquiry and case study primarily, as well as participant observation, to highlight the voices of children, teacher candidates, and practitioners within educational research. In my research with teacher candidates, I provide opportunities to engage in the research process as co-researchers, including presenting at conferences and contributing to publications. Through these opportunities, teacher candidates build upon theory to practice links from their coursework in Language & Literacies. I continually strive to build professional knowledge and practice through my research, including opportunities to partner with fellow researchers and community members.

Current & Future Research:

Exploring Literacy Teaching and Learning Opportunities within a Summer Literacy Camp; 21st Century Literacies; Expanding Conceptualizations of Literacy Engagement: Student and Teacher Perceptions


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