Dr. Anne Wagner

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Associate Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - School of Social Work - Social Work
Full-time Faculty
Anne Wagner, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work. My teaching and research interests include the areas of gender, race, social justice, (higher) education, critical pedagogies and violence against women. I have a varied academic and professional background. Before joining academia, I worked as a clinical social worker and manager both in community and institutional settings. The primary focus of my work involved violence against women and youth. Eventually my love of learning led me to return to school to pursue my PhD in Sociology & Equity Studies. This enabled me to re-kindle my passion for research and offered me new opportunities to continue my social justice work.
PhD, University of Toronto
MSW, University of Toronto
BA (Hon), University of Toronto
Areas of Specialization:

Higher education, critical pedagogies, anti-racism, feminist theories and social work practice.

Research Interests:

Currently, I am exploring the leadership of social science research teams in higher education. Specifically, the project focuses on the challenges of social justice approaches to research in the current academic context. My other research interests include exploring critical approaches to teaching and the significance of emotions to learning.  Another current project involves evaluating the provision of services to women who have experienced sexual violence, living in rural areas.

Selected Publications include:

McGinn, M. K., Acker, S., Vander Kloet, M., Wagner, A. (2019). Dear SSHRC what do you want? An epistolary narrative of expertise, identity, and time in grant writing, Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 20(1), DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17169/fqs-20.1.3128

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Edited Books

Wagner A., Acker, S. and Mayuzumi, K. (Eds.) (2008), Whose university is it, anyway? Power and privilege on gendered terrain. Canadian Scholars Press.

Book Chapters

Yee, J.Y and Wagner, A. (in press). Tackling whiteness in the classroom and challenging the skills-based curriculum through anti-oppression teaching in social work. In R. Csiernik and S. Hillock (Eds.), Teaching social work: Canadian perspectives. University of Toronto Press: Toronto.

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