Accessibility Planning Committee


Established in March 2003, the mandate of the Nipissing University Accessibility Planning Committee is to:

  • Conduct inquiries regarding potential and actual barriers to people with disabilities in all facilities, regulations, policies, programs, practices and services offered by Nipissing University
  • Identify facilities, regulations, policies, programs, practices and services that cause or may cause barriers to people with disabilities
  • Prioritize and specify barriers that will be removed or otherwise modified in the coming year within the limits of the financial and human resources available
  • Describe how these barriers will be removed or prevented
  • Prepare an annual report on these activities
  • Make an Annual Accessibility Plan available to the public

Members of the 2014-2015 Nipissing University Accessibility Planning Committee:

TBA, Chair, Accessibility Planning Committee

Jodee Brown Yeo, Accessibility Coordinator / Human Resources Office Administrator

Frank Ciancio, Senior Manager, Application Development & Support

Rebecca Eyers, Residence Life Manager​ (Acting)
David Drenth, Director of Facility Services, Capital Projects and Construction
Jennifer Wilson, Recording Secretary

Yannick Benoit, President, Nipissing University Student Union

Steven Hansen, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
Frank Kuntsch, Supervisor, Residence Maintenance
Jeff Landry, Manager, Environmental Health & Safety
Casey Phillips, Assistant Vice-President, Students
Laurie Purtell, Office Administrator, Student Development & Services

TBA, Library Services
Kelly Brown, Advertising & Publication Officer
Cheryl Sutton, Assistant Vice-President, Finance and  Human Resources

TBA, Manager, Student Accessibility Services

TBA, Professor, Faculty of Arts & Science
TBA, Professor, Faculty of Applied and Professional Studies