Aspirational Goals

The implementation of the above objectives and corresponding policies and strategies will provide a foundation for future tangible research success. In part, this success might manifest in the following accomplishments:

  • Nipissing University has a national reputation for excellence in Indigenous and interdisciplinary research across the disciplines. This could be achieved through scholarly publications, grants, and awards as well as media recognition.
  • Nipissing University researchers will substantially increase Tri-Agency Grant success.
  • Nipissing University will be in a position to receive approval for a fifth Canada Research Chair.
  • Nipissing University will be in a position to receive a larger Canadian Foundation for Innovation grant.
  • Nipissing University will attract more visiting scholars, postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate researchers.

Measuring Success

In good part, implementation of this plan will be overseen by the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, and the Research Council. Reflecting the timeline column in the charts above, these groups will report progress on the constituent elements of this implementation through academic Deans and the academic Senate. New policies, for one, will be introduced and applied on an ongoing basis. Likewise, new internal grants and awards will be announced seeking applicants and nominations.

At appropriate intervals during the 5-year timeline, updates will be provided as we progress toward the broader aspirational goals mentioned just above.