Strategic Research Plan

Nipissing University aspires to become a more comprehensive and more widely-recognized university, which can better serve its students and its region.

To help achieve these aspirations, this Strategic Research Plan (SRP) was developed and reflects a steadfast determination to enhance our research capacity, and thus our overall institutional effectiveness.

Nipissing University Research Plan 2019-2024

Nipissing University Research Plan 2019-2024

Purpose and Purview

Research at Nipissing University

Nipissing University’s Strategic Research Plan (SRP) is designed to catalogue present research strengths, identify areas for investment and reinvestment, and encourage future research directions. At the center of these efforts is recognition that Nipissing University is situated on the traditional territory of the Anishinabek peoples of Nipissing First Nation and within the lands protected by the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850.

While our researchers have and will continue to achieve research success in many different ways, our research culture must also make a special commitment to highlight the relevance of regional Indigenous knowledge, history and perspectives in relation to the national and international environment. It is through this approach that a growing number of Nipissing researchers have been able to build upon regional community engagement and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous communities toward achieving research excellence.

Our approach to research is founded upon the values of inclusivity, equity and diversity directed by a culture of openness, fairness and tolerance. In turn, we strongly commit to the overarching idea that quality research is an outcome of sharing diverse ideas, experiences, perspectives, and different senses of place.

The Context of the Research Plan

The context of all research is more competitive than ever. Whether this means successful applications for limited funds and grants or disseminating research in reputable journals and with scholarly presses, this five-year plan is founded upon a fundamental commitment to support and encourage high quality research outcomes. Of course, no plan can fully anticipate the consistently shifting internal and external variables that influence these outcomes, including the changing complexion of university researchers and/or the dynamics of Tri-Agency priorities.

While the number of institutions and researchers competing for funding have increased significantly, many high profile funding programs have not seen corresponding increases, with others ending without replacement. So, on the one hand, there is a clear necessity to identify alternative sources of research funds, linking established and new researchers with less visible but still relevant programs. Yet, on the other hand, there are also new opportunities that have come with an increased focus on establishing larger scale inter-university research partnerships. This requires comprehensive knowledge of both new funding programs as well as relevant project development at potential partnering institutions. But, such nimbleness and depth requires a better understanding of existent and developing programs and projects among our researchers.

The world of publishing has also changed considerably over the last decade and continues to evolve. As a consequence, researchers have more opportunities to collaborate across disciplines and options for publishing are more diverse. With this proliferation, it has become increasingly important to recognize quality publication outlets that maintain rigorous peer review processes.

Nipissing University fully commits to encouraging a robust publication schedule among our researchers while not compromising individual or institutional reputation.

Altogether, this plan is designed to position Nipissing as a nimble and responsible research institution, identifying and preparing for new opportunities that take full advantage of existing resources and strategically investing new resources in recognition of the dynamic research environment. If successful, this plan will allow our researchers to better focus energy on their research toward making a contribution to the advancement of knowledge and the betterment of society.

Research Mission

Nipissing University seeks to maintain and grow our leadership role in research areas relevant to the regional community that have national and global impact. Simultaneously, Nipissing continues to encourage and support groundbreaking research in other areas of strength.

  • This mission will be achieved in part through our researchers working in our region with Indigenous and other partners in a way that not only allows us to make a difference in our community but influence discovery and dialogue on important issues around the world.
  • The success of this mission depends not only on the researchers themselves but also on institutional support; not solely based on monetary assistance but also human resources at all levels. Continued investment in our research infrastructure is central to the fulfillment of our mission.
  • This mission must also include our students; allowing them to participate in forward- looking discussion and debate as well as participate in real groundbreaking research projects, learning research skills that provide the foundation for the next generation of research excellence.