Keynote 2012

5th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference, March 23-24, 2012

Darin Barney

Barney is a Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship, Associate Professor in the department of Art, History and Communication Studies, McGill University. He has a B.A., M.A. (Simon Fraser) and a Ph.D. (Toronto)

Barney studies the relationships between communication, technology and society.

"Darin Barney has the gift of being able to present complex ideas and ask profound questions in a compelling and approachable way," wrote Margaret Hancock, Hart House Warden, before Barney delivered the Hart House lecture in 2007.

Barney also comes up with some great names for his scholarly articles including Eat your vegetables: courage and the possibility of politics and Miserable priests and ordinary cowards; on being a professor.

For more information, please visit Dr. Barney's website​.​​