Research Achievement Award

List of Recipients

The Research Achievement Awards were established in the first Faculty Collective Agreement.

We are pleased to announce the new recipients of the Research Achievement Awards, taking effect in the 2019-2020 academic year:

  • Dr. Barbi Law, Schulich School of Education
  • Dr. Dennis Geden, Fine Arts
  • Dr. John Allison, Schulich School of Education
  • Dr. Ping Zou, School of Nursing

Congratulations to you all! 



  • Dr. Glenda Black, Schulich School of Education
  • Dr. Justin Carré, Psychology
  • Dr. Amir Erfani, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Dr. Mukund Jha, Biology and Chemistry
  • Dr. Manuel Litalien, Social Welfare and Social Development


  • Dr. Anahita Baregheh, School of Business
  • Dr. Rob Breton, English
  • Dr. Kristen Ferguson, Schulich School of Education
  • Dr. Lesley Lovett-Doust, Biology
  • Dr. Astrid Steele, Schulich School of Education


  • Dr. Steven Arnocky, Psychology
  • Dr. Logan Hoehn, Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Dr. Michelann Parr, Schulich School of Education


  • Dr. Lanyan Chen, Social Welfare and Social Development
  • Dr. Pavline Radia, English
  • Dr. Dan Walters, Geography


  • Dr. David Zarifa, Sociology
  • Dr. Tzvetalin Vassilev, Mathematics
  • Dr. Mark Bruner, Physical Health and Education
  • Dr. Rosemary Nagy, Gender, Equality and Social Justice
  • Dr. Laurie Kruk, English


  • Dr. Jeff Dech, Biology 
  • Dr. Amir Erfani, Sociology
  • Dr. David Hemsworth, School of Business
  • Dr. Trevor Smith, Sociology
  • Dr. Haibin Zhu, Computer Science​