Chancellors Award Recipients

The chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research was initiated in 2000.

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2017/18 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research is Dr. Steven Arnocky, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology.


Previous Recipients

2016/17 Dr. Mark Wachowiak, Computer Science
2015/16 Dr. Justin Carré, Assistant Professor, Pyschology
2014/15 No recipient
2013/14 Dr. David Hemsworth, School of Business
2012/13 Dr. David Tabachnik, Political Science
2011/12 Dr. Callie Mady, Schulich School of Education
2010/11 Dr. Haibin Zhu, Mathematics and Computer Science
2009/10 Dr. Vesko Valov, Mathematics
2008/09 Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff, English
2007/08 No recipient
2006/07 Dr. John Kovacs, Geography
2005/06 Dr. Peter Joong, Education
2004/05 Dr. Greg Pyle, Biology
2003/04 Dr. Steve Muhlberger, History
2002/03 Dr. Françoise Noël, History
2001/02 Dr. Lorraine Janzen, English
2000/01 Dr. Murat Tuncali, Mathematics