Chancellors Award Application

Application Process


To recognize and celebrate the value of research conducted by Nipissing University full-time faculty and those faculty members whose research makes a significant impact on the discipline or field of research.  All full-time faculty members are eligible. The award cannot be received more than once in a five-year period. 


The recipient shall:

  • Be a member of the Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA) (full-time bargaining unit); 
  • Have an outstanding research performance (It could be a significant one-time discovery/contribution or a sustained record of excellent activity and productivity.).


Nominations shall be accepted only from professional peers.  The nomination letters shall be treated as being confidential in nature and will not be made available to the nominee.  Should a Research Council Member be nominated, a conflict of interest will be declared and he/she will not be on the Selection Committee, the position will be filled with another member of the Council, from the same Faculty.  Nominations should be made by March 29.  Please deliver your nomination package and the support letters to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research, Chair of the University Research Council, Nipissing University, in Room F307 as well as provide an electronic version of the complete package to

A complete nomination shall include:

  • A concise summary (not to exceed 500 words) outlining the major impacts of the nominee’s research accomplishments. 
  • Supporting letters from no less than three peers.  One letter should come from an external peer. The letters should be substantive and speak to the nominee’s research program, its contribution to the field of research and its value to the University and students. 
  • A letter from the Dean, that speaks of the nominee’s contributions to research. 

The Provost and Office of Vice-President, Academic and Research will ask the nominated candidate to provide the following:

  • A written acceptance of the nomination, 
  • A current curriculum vitae, outlining research activity and publications within the past five (5) years, and 
  • The Senate and Faculty committees upon which the nominee has sat.


The Nipissing University Chancellor’s Research Award Selection Committee shall be a committee of the Research Council and shall recommend the award recipient to the Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research.

The Selection Committee shall consist of

  • One representative from each of the Faculties, as selected by the Research Council,
  • One member at large, from the Council,
  • The Chair of the Council,
  • One (1) previous recipient (within the last 5 years) selected by the Council.

The Chancellor's Research Award Selection Committee may select a recipient from among the nominations, received on or prior to the April 30.

If the Selection Committee deems no nomination to be meeting the criterion of excellence, the Committee reserves the right to re-consider nominations from the previous year, when there was more than one excellent nomination at that time. In such a case, the Chair of the Selection Committee shall ask the nominee to provide an updated curriculum vitae. 


The recipient’s name shall be engraved on a plaque displayed at the University entitled “Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research”.

  • A certificate shall be presented to the recipient at the next Faculty Convocation for the appropriate Faculty and Program. 
  • The $1,500* Award will be accessible to the recipient as a one-time payment through payroll, subsequent to the presentation at Convocation. 

*Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Canadian Revenue Agency​