Donor Recognition

As our way of saying thank you for your generosity and support, we want to make sure you receive lasting and meaningful recognition for your gift. Depending on the level of your contribution, you may be recognized on our donor recognition wall, in our published donor listing or at a special event. 

While we hope that you will let us recognize your gift, if you wish for your contribution to remain anonymous or have questions about the many recognition options that are available, please contact Mary-Ann Gilchrist, Fundraising and Stewardship Coordinator at 705-474-3450, ext. 4383 or e-mail

Donor Listing 

Thank you to our generous supporters! Visit the main foyer of our campus to view your name on our recognition wall or the link below for a listing of all donors based on our fiscal year (May - April).

» Nipissing University Donor Wall May 2018

Student and Donor Awards Social 

Each year student scholarship, award and bursary recipients and the donors of these awards get a chance to meet at the Student and Donor Awards Social. You can view photos from this years Social at the following link Student & Donor Social 2017-2018

A Special Thanks on Behalf of Our Students


Abbey Thompson addressed the crowd at this years Student and Donor Awards Social. She expressed the thoughts of our students who are gratefully supported by our donors. Please see her speech below.

In the business program, an important aspect is to analyze, research, and develop marketing strategies. In my time here, both in class and personally I’ve taken time to reflect on one of Nipissing’s famous taglines “One Student At a Time.” What’s interesting is that line has meant different things to me at different points in my university career. When I was in my senior year of high school it meant that I was going to maintain small class sizes and continue unique relationships with professors. In my first year, it was all the orientation programming put in place to ensure that all first years started off on the right foot. Second year was finding my place on campus as a peer educator and also beginning to access the incredible resources found in Student Development and Services. And now third year, it’s experiencing the effect of all the benefits of those efforts by this community come together as reflected in my student success through on-campus involvement, projects with professors, and finding ways to give back to the community that has helped build me up from a nervous first-year student to a confident third year.

One student at a time means individualizing each student’s future through the contributions and investments made by this university. For all the gracious donors, you are a large part of why “one student at a time” is as impactful as it is. By donating towards student awards and bursaries you are investing in ensuring that students can continue the pursuit of their goals and ambitions. As students, it’s inevitable that finances are going to be a stressor at some point, if not the entire duration, in our postsecondary career. I know I can speak on behalf of the students here in saying that when I received the news of my award I had an immediate flood of relief and gratitude. Awards and bursaries help students solidify that not only in just post-secondary but specifically Nipissing U, is exactly where we belong.

Thank you to all the incredibly gracious and supportive donors for investing in student’s futures.