Support Nipissing University

Since receiving our charter as an independent university in 1992, Nipissing University has experienced substantial growth made possible through the generous support of alumni, staff, faculty, students, parents and friends. As we progress through our new strategic plan and embark on our most significant phase of growth to date, it is critical, now more than ever, to raise philanthropic support to continue Nipissing’s tradition of excellence.

At Nipissing, we are committed to providing an environment for enabling all individuals to reach their goals, strive for excellence and achieve balance in their lives through healthy lifestyle choices. To do this we need to extend and modernise our existing facilities, to create new buildings, to establish new academic posts and, most importantly, to support the welfare of our students. Each gift we receive—big or small—has the power to make a difference.

Reasons for giving are many and different for each person. Some give to strengthen the university’s academic resources and physical infrastructure. Others give in appreciation for the contribution Nipissing University has made to their lives. Whatever your reasons, we hope that you will help continue our tradition of giving and join us today by making a gift.