GEN1: First in the Family

Who are First Generation students?

First Generation students are students whose parents have not attended a post-secondary institution.*

Who can participate in the GEN1: First in the Family program?

Any First Generation student registered at Nipissing University can participate in the program regardless of academic year. Students wishing to participate in the program simply register using the online registration form.

Goals of the GEN:1 First in the Family program

The First in the Family program aims to ease your transition into university. First in the Family connects students to resources and services available in order to assist students in all areas of the student experience. The program creates and connects students to a community of peers through social events, academic workshops, and community involvement. The program provides leadership opportunities within the local community, as well as the Nipissing community.

* This definition was developed using guidelines provided by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.