Consent Belongs Here

What is Consent Belongs Here?

Consent Belongs Here is Nipissing University’s campaign to end sexual violence through education, prevention and outreach. The hashtag #nuconsentculture is included as a symbol to start a campus-wide conversation around preventing sexual violence. Throughout the year, Consent Belongs Here will be organizing events and initiatives on campus focused on sexual violence prevention and education. You can find out what events are hosted by SVPE by looking for the Consent Belongs Here logo or the Consent Crew Logo.

This website is a resource for survivors, supporters and NU community members, providing information on how to support a survivor, NU policies and procedures, options for survivors, community resources, and events.

Please join us in ending sexual violence by standing alongside NU in supporting survivors. 


    Consent must always be affirmative, enthusiastic, present in every sexual encounter - from touch to kissing to sex. Sexual Assualt occurs when consent is not present/obtained. Consent should never be assumed. 

    For clarity: 

    • Consent is expressed voluntary agreement to engage in a sexual activity with another person. 
    • Past consent to sex does not imply future consent. 
    • Consent is always required regardless of relationship status. 
    • A person can change their mind at any time and revoke consent
    • Consent is not 'just going with it'. 
    • Consent cannot be obtained through the use of force, coercion, or threats. 
    • Consent is not possible if a person of authority uses their position of power, trust, and/or authority to manipulate someone into saying 'yes'. 
    • Someone cannot consent if they are intoxicated, unconsious, asleep or lacks the capacity to provide consent. 


    Sexual Violence Prevention and Education delivers the following workshops to students, staff and faculty. 

    Open enrollment workshops can be found on our events page. If you would like to book a workshop, please fill out this Google Form or email

    All workshops are RSD Approved. 

    Gender & You

    Gender & You introduces participants to discussions about gender roles, gender identity and expression. Workshop facilitators will connect our understanding of gender issues to issues of gender based violence and harassment in our communities. The workshop will provide strategies on how to recognize violence when it is happening and how to intervene. Gender & You combines awareness with engaging activities to provide participants with opportunities to learn and put knowledge into practice.

    Workshop Length: 90 Minutes

    Let's Talk About Consent

    The Let's Talk About Consent workshop provides participants with knowledge regarding key terms and concepts related to consent, an introduction to bystander intervention strategies, and how to respond to disclosures. Let's Talk About Consent combines awareness with engaging activities to provide participants with opportunities to learn and put that knowledge into practice.

    Learning Objectives:

    (1) Gain knowledge on affirmative consent and healthy relationships, (2) Define terminology such as: consent, coercion, and sexual violence, (3) Begin to develop an understanding of bystander intervention, (4) Learn how to respond to disclosures.

    Workshop Length: 90 Minutes 

    Bringing in the Bystander©

    The Bringing in the Bystander© workshop focuses on building awareness, responsibility, and action towards preventing interpersonal violence. This workshop provides participants with knowledge of how to recognize the continuum of violence and with strategies for safe and appropriate bystander interventions. Bringing in the Bystander combines awareness with engaging activities to provide participants with opportunities to learn and put this knowledge into practice.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Understand the concept of active bystander,
    2. Develop an awareness of barriers to intervention and how to overcome them,
    3. Increase recognition of behaviours that fall on a continuum of violence,
    4. Gain knowledge of bystander intervention strategies and methods.

    Length of Workshop: 2.5 hours 

    Intro to Allyship

    Intro to Allyship is a one-hour condensed workshop that combines key information from Gender 101, Consent +, and Bringing in the Bystander. The workshop facilitator will connect the material together to inform the participants about the issues of gender-based and sexual violence, effective ways of intervening, and ways in which to support survivors. In addition to this material, this workshop will introduce the concept of allyship and provide concrete strategies on how to be an effective ally.

    Draw The Line

    'Draw The Line' is an interactive campaign that aims to engage Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence. This campaign challenges common myths and is designed to help bystanders understand the continuum of sexual violence. In order to put sexual violence into perspective we need to be clear that it includes everything from sexist jokes to stalking, harassment and assault. Sexual violence is a lot more than rape.

    It is the hope of the Draw-The-Line partners that his campaign will educate Ontarians on how to spot sexual violence and empower them to make a difference. Sexual Violence Prevention and Education has posted these posters around Nipissing in order to spark a conversation with students about sexual violence. 

    Draw the Line poster: Your wasted friend staggers out of the bar with some guy. Do you stay and Keep dancing? Draw the Line. Consent Belongs Here Nipissing Student Development and Services
    Draw the line poster: A friend sends you a naked picture of a girl her knows. Is it a big deal to share it with others?
    Draw the line poster: The Coach spends extra time with a player on and off the field. do you tell someone? Consent Belongs Here. Nipissing University Student Development and Services
    Draw the Line poster: Someone at work comments on a co-worker's body, saying 'just kidding'. Do you laugh along?
    Draw the line poster: A friend confides in you that his new girlfriend is Trans. Do you support him?
    Draw the Line poster: Degrading graffiti about a trans student appears on a washroom stall. Do you report it?
    Draw the line poster: Your friend passes out on a couch at a party. Do you leave her there?

    To learn more about the  'Draw the Line' Poster Campaign, please visit: