Group Therapy

Therapy groups use evidence based therapy techniques and are very effective at assisting students with their concerns. Working through challenges as a group can help students see alternative ways to cope through different circumstances and life situations, while feeling connected and supported.

Raise Resilience Therapy Group

A confidential, reflective and strength-based 6-week therapy group

Resilience is being more flexilbe when adapting to challenges, adverse and/or traumatic life events. 

It makes the difference between handling pressure and losing your cool. The ability to “bounce back” is deeply connected to taking the opportunity to work through your difficult life experiences. Resiliency is not a trait that you either have or don't have; it is a set of strategies that can be learned, practiced, and developed. Being resilient is a skill.

Whether you are currently going through a tough time or want to be prepared for the next tough time.

Raise Resilience offers a new way of thinking, an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into your strengths, and a place for you to practice how to harness these strengths to work to your advantage by:

  • Focusing on growing positive experiences in your life and letting go of hurt
  • Realizing your potential and setting personal strength-based goals
  • Challenging your unhelpful thinking styles and coping with uncertainty
  • Becoming a better version of yourself and improving your mood and motivation

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Choose to Grow Therapy Group

A confidential, reflective, and supportive 6-week Therapy Group, that will help you develop and remind you that you're not alone.

It's no secret there are external challenges that occur in our lives. Sometimes we can spend energy focusing on what, in reality, we often have little control over. Doing so tends to make us lose sight of the knowledge and strengths we have to contribute to our own circumstances and overall wellbeing.

Choosing to work from the inside out can help us reclaim our power and grow internally and externally.

“Choose to Grow” believes that taking an active role in understanding each of the following areas can help us emotionally and relationally make the changes we want to see in our lives:

  • Reflect on the influence of our earliest relationships, without staying in the past
  • Explore who we are and what we feel
  • Manage our emotions with ourselves and with others
  • Communicate our emotions and needs more effectively

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Invest & Renew Therapy Group

At times life can be difficult and knowing how to take care of our wellbeing is not something that is taught in school. Invest & Renew (in you!) is a wellness therapy group for anyone who would like to work on improving their mental and emotional wellbeing. Students will engage in group discussions and activities to learn about key topics and develop a plan to improve their wellbeing.

Group topics include:

  • How to practice effective self compassion and self care
  • The importance of making meaningful connections with others
  • Connecting to a sense of meaning & purpose
  • Coping strategies you can use in challenging times
  • Developing skills of grit and perseverance

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Not all students are eligible for group therapy. Eligibility to participate in group services depends on your needs and group availability. 

An intake appointment must be scheduled before you can register for group therapy.  To request an intake appointment please complete the online registration form located here.​