Transition Programs and Supports

Accessibility Transition Program (ATP): Launch

ATP consists of 2 FREE programs which are designed to introduce students registering with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to available services and supports, skill development workshops, and the opportunity to get a jump start on connecting with peers and the SAS Team. Students can register in one or both programs.

ATP: Launch is a FREE 2-day program. It is designed to introduce new students to available services and supports and to provide skill development opportunities essential to a successful university transition. 

ATP 2019 will be happening on August 23rd and 24th, 2019 

Registration for this event is now closed.

Benefits of attending ATP: Launch

  • Move into residence early
  • Get to know your campus
  • Learn about accommodations, adaptive technologies, and learning resources
  • Develop your self-advocacy skills
  • Establish a support system with like-minded individuals
  • Participate in fun and engaging activities and workshops


Natalie Muylaert - Accessibility Transition Program Assistant
Phone: 705-474-3450 ext. 4588

Accessibility Transition Program (ATP): Connect

ATP: Connect begins on July 15th, 2019 which is the Monday after Nipissing University's New Student Orientation (NSO). ATP: Connect is an ongoing support and transition program for students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). ATP: Connect uses Nipissing University's Blackboard learning management system. This allows us to host online events through the summer and into the school year giving you a chance to attend events wherever you are. 

Click this link to register for ATP: Connect.

Benefits of enrolling in ATP: Connect

  • Access transition support and accessibility services resources
  • Access resources that are designed to promote academic success
  • Connect with other students registered with SAS
  • Participate in discussions and have your questions answered by SAS staff
  • Register and participate in workshops and social events

ATP: Connect will address three key areas that aid in a student’s success at university:

Academic Skills

Explore the different services and workshops that SAS has to offer. These include
learning styles and strategies workshops and adaptive technology services.

Life Skills

Build upon your self-advocacy skills, stress management techniques and overall wellness
in workshops and online discussions that will enhance your university experience.


Participate in events and online discussions that will allow you to connect with peers,
learn what life at Nipissing is like, and hear from other students about their experiences at


Natalie Muylaert - Accessibility Transition Program Assistant
Phone: 705-474-3450 ext. 4588

New Student Orientation (NSO)

New Student Orientation (NSO) is a full-day orientation program designed to introduce students and supporters to the academic expectations of Nipissing University, highlight the services and programs available to support student success, and integrate students and their supporters into the Laker community.

Parents, guardians, siblings, partners, children, etc are invited to attend NSO for Supporters to learn about the resources and programs that are available to assist your student in achieving personal and academic success. Children under 12 are invited to participate in facilitated activities and games throughout the day.

Click this link to go to the NSO page.

Lakers Orientation

As undergraduate students step foot on campus for the first term, Lakers Orientation is an exciting week at Nipissing University.  Students will have the opportunity to build relationships with other students, learn about the academic expectations of their faculty and get prepared for their first week of classes.

Click here to visit the Lakers Orientation page.