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For students eligible for note taking support, please know that we have made some changes to our services this year. If you do not receive note taking support, you can skip this section and check the N/A box below.

Note Taking Services Updates:

We have moved to a 2-tiered model of supporting students through note taking services, which includes Peer Note Sharing and Professional Note Taking. Though the names of the services are changing, your eligibility to receive note taking support remains unchanged. Peer Note Sharing is equivalent to our previous note taking service in that the support is typically provided by peers in the class. It is an enhanced service rather than a guaranteed accommodation; however, SAS will continue to recruit and train Peer Note Sharers in the same way we had in the past, and we will endeavour to find a Note Sharer within 7 days of the request. If SAS is unable to secure a Peer Note Sharer within a week of a student’s request, we will provide students with referral information and links to other resources and services that may be helpful. Most students who had “Note Taking/NTE” on their Letter of Accommodation in the past will now have “Peer Note Sharing” indicated on their letters. The process for requesting and receiving notes has not changed.

For eligible students, Professional Note Taking may be approved. This may include a paid professional note taker within the class, an external professional note taker, or the use of Note Taker Express. For these students, their Letter of Accommodation will state “Professional Note Taking”. Again, the process for requesting and receiving notes has not changed.

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Testing Accommodations must be booked by the appropriate dates listed here under "Testing Accommodations".

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