The Admissions Committee, in its evaluation of applications for admission, will follow the requirements as outlined in the current Nipissing University academic calendar. However, it may modify admission requirements for candidates who, in its opinion, deserve special cons​ideration. In all ca​ses, the Admissions Committee reserves the right to impose special conditions on such candidates, both in the interest of the student, and for the protection of the University’s academic standards.  Candidates requesting modification of admission requirements may be asked to present their cases before the committee, in writing, and produce documentary evidence of their eligibility for special consideration.   

Accessibility Admissions Policy

Nipissing University encourages applications from those of Aboriginal ancestry, visible minority and/or persons with disabilities. Applicants who meet the minimum stated requirements for admission to the University but not the admission average for the program applied to, may apply for consideration under the accessibility policy. Such candidates should self-identify themselves in writing to the Office of the Registrar. Eligible persons must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents and applying to first year studies from high school or post-secondary education.

Applications will be reviewed on an individual basis. Admission offers may restrict the number of courses for which an applicant may register and may require a certain average be maintained. Once the admission requirements have been satisfied, the student may register as a full-time student.

Applicants seeking consideration under the categories are required to supply official documentation as outlined below:

Aboriginal ancestry - proof of aboriginal descent (i.e. copy of Native Status Card),

Visible minority - a letter outlining the personal situation and verification from prior school official,

Persons with Disabilities - a letter outlining personal situation, verification from prior school official and medical/psychological documentation.