Role of Students

Although students with disabilities have the same responsibilities as all other students, they have additional responsibilities regarding their academics. 

A student registered with Student Accessibility Services must:

  • ​Initiate a request for accommodations with Student Accessibility Services in a timely fashion.
  • Submit appropriate documentation of his/her disability from a qualified health-care professional.
  • Self-identify to his/her professors that he/she is registered with Student Accessibility Services by providing the professors with an issued Letter of Accommodation.
  • Meet with, appropriately discuss, and/or advocate his/her accommodation needs in a timely fashion with professors, seminar leaders, and laboratory technicians.
  • Maintain regular and punctual attendance in all classes and notify Student Accessibility Services of absences due to disability related reasons.  *If you have a concern regarding a student’s attendance, please contact his/her Accessibility Consultant.
  • Utilize learning strategies implemented by his/her Accessibility Consultant.
  • Schedule quizzes, tests and midterms a minimum of 7 days before the scheduled test date with the Student Accessibility Officers.