Letter of Accommodation

The Letter of Accommodation might be the basis for your initial communication with a student with a disability in your class.  This letter is issued to the student by the Accessibility Consultant and is typically delivered to the professor either through email by the Accessibility Consultant or in person by the student during the first few weeks of each term.  If the student is uncomfortable giving the professor the letter in the class, the student may request an appointment in which to deliver the letter.

The Letter of Accommodation is a summary of the recommended academic accommodations the student might be accessing in order to participate in lectures, complete course work, and/or write tests and exams.  Although the majority of classroom and testing support will be arranged and provided through Student Accessibility Services, we want the professor to be aware of this support and we need the professor’s cooperation.

For example, supports such as providing your class textbooks in alternate format to a student with a reading disability will be arranged through Student Accessibility Services; however, if you have an in-class reading assignment, you may need to provide this reading in a format accessible to the student.  Either the student or Student Accessibility Services can help you if you are unsure what the student might need and how to provide the accommodation listed in the letter.

Please remember the Letter of Accommodation is a confidential, disability-related document, and the professor has a responsibility to keep this document secure and the information within it confidential.