Student Responsibilities for Testing

  • Students are required to book all quizzes, tests, midterms and final exams by the following dates outlined on the Testing Accommodations​ page.
  • If there are pop-quizzes scheduled for your class, students may opt to use their accommodations for these quizzes. The request is made to the Student Accessibility Officers, who will then get in contact with the professor to make the necessary arrangements. 
  • For any quiz, test or midterm that may be announced after the booking deadline, students are required to request use of accommodations a minimum of 7 days prior to the scheduled date fo the quiz, test or midterm.
  • Students are responsible for providing accurate information regarding the test including date, time, and duration of the test, which the SAOs will later confirm with the professor.
  • On the date of the test, students report to the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Office rather than their classroom, unless there is a scheduled lecture beforehand.