Pop Quizzes

It is important for faculty to remember that some students may require their testing accommodations for pop quizzes and will choose to write these quizzes with Student Accessibility Services.

The Student Accessibility Officers will co-ordinate a plan for administering pop quizzes with you. Typically, when a student expresses that they would like to write their pop quizzes with the SAS office, we ask the professor to provide us with the scheduling information ahead of time.  This allows us to schedule the quizzes in our system to ensure testing space is reserved, while ensuring the student does not have knowledge of these dates. 

Shortly before each class, the student will come to the Student Accessibility Services Office to see if there is a pop quiz that day.


  1. ​If there is a quiz scheduled, they will stay and write the quiz with their testing accommodations.
  2. If there isn’t a quiz scheduled, they will attend class as usual.


For pop quizzes that are scheduled for the end of the class, the student will attend class as usual and be excused to write their quiz in Student Accessibility Services when the other students begin their quiz in the classroom.