Faculty Responsibilities and Procedures for Testing


Before the Test

  1. Students who wish to utilize their testing accommodations will do so by scheduling in their quizzes, tests and midterms with Student Accessibility Services.
  2. An automatic notification will be sent from Student Accessibility Services 4 days prior to the schedule date requesting a copy of the quiz, test or midterm. This email will also indicate which students have requested the accommodations.
  3. Please take the time to carefully read the information sent in the e-mail and inform the Student Accessibility Officers (SAOs) if the information is incorrect (wrong date, time, etc.)
  4. You may choose to e-mail the test to sastesting@nipissingu.ca or drop-off the test to the Office of Student Development and Services (B210). We ask that you provide the quiz, test or midterm to us at least two business days in advance of the scheduled date. 
  5. Please ensure to also confirm the following details when providing the quiz, test or midterm:
  • Course Code
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Duration of Test
  • Any aids or items that may be necessary and/or permitted (ie: calculator, cheat sheet etc.)
  • The location that your class will be writing, should there be a question for you.

During the Test

  1. ​The Student Accessibility Officers and trained proctors are responsible for administering the test to the student.
  2. If the student needs to use the washroom or get a drink of water, the student will be escorted by either an SAO or proctor.
  3. The student is aware that if s/he has any questions or concerns about the test, an SAO or proctor should be informed, and the professor will be contacted.
  4. As the professor, you may be asked to visit your student(s) in Student Accessibility Services. An SAO or proctor can invigilate in your classroom while you visit your student(s). Alternatively, an SAO or proctor may escort the student to your classroom, and ask that you step into the hallway to speak with the student (to maintain dignity and confidentiality).

After the Test

The Student Accessibility Officers will send you an e-mail reminder informing you that the test is ready to be picked-up from Student Accessibility Services. It will remain in a locked cabinet until you pick it up. Pick-up is available in B210-R.

Note: The SAS office does not scan and e-mail tests, deliver tests to classrooms or mail boxes, or send tests to professors in the mail.

Final Exams

For final exams, you will not be required to provide Student Accessibility Services with a copy of the exam. The Student Accessibility Officers receive all final examinations from Print Plus.

Student Accessibility Services asks that you visit your student(s) once during the first hour of the examination to answer any questions or concerns they may have. You will receive a slip of paper with your exam package indicating the location of each of your students that are writing with Student Accessibility Services. (Due to the large number of final exams being administered, it is necessary to accommodate some students in classrooms outside of our office.)​