Deferral of Tests or Exams


If a student misses a test due to a disability-related reason, supporting medical documentation will be requested by Student Accessibility Services. Once supporting medical documentation has been provided by the student, SAS will reach out to the professor to confirm the disability-related absence. If the professor is agreeable to allowing the student to reschedule the test, SAS will work with the student and professor to reschedule the test at an agreed upon time. 

If a student misses a test for reasons unrelated to their disability (illness, etc), they will be directed to contact their faculty directly. 

Final Exams

During final exams, students may have scheduling conflicts due to their accommodations (ie. if their extra time overlaps with another exam they are to write in the same day, or if they are unable to write at certain times due to disability-related reasons, etc.)  In these cases, a deferral form will be completed, and the student may request to write the exam on a different date than the remainder of the class, typically at the end of the regular exam period.

In such cases, Student Accessibility Services will contact you by email to request an alternate exam date.

On the day of the exam, students who are unable to write a final examination due to disability reasons, non-disability reasons, illness or circumstances beyond their control are required to required to follow the Nipissing University Exam Policy for Deferred Exams. If the SAS student is granted permission from the Registrar's Office to defer the exam, the student will write on one of the special exam dates outlined by the Registrar’s Office, however the exam may be administered within Student Accessibility Services​.