Student Responsibilities When Receiving Note Taking Support

  • Students have a responsibility in class to be actively engaged in the learning process to the full extent of their abilities, this includes taking their own notes in addition to those of the note-taker.
  • Students have a responsibility to review their notes weekly.  If there is a problem with the notes, they may discuss their concerns with the assigned note taker or a Student Accessibility Officer in order to find a solution.
  • Students have the responsibility to attempt to attend all scheduled classes.  If they do not attend a class, notes for that class will not normally be provided to them.
  • Student Accessibility Services may provide carbonless copy paper, photocopying, or scanning services for hand-written notes.  Provision of services for hand-written notes will be discussed and agreed upon by the student, together with their assigned Accessibility Consultant and the Student Accessibility Officers in advance.
  • Students must not share their notes with any other student.  Any unauthorized sharing of notes that have been provided to the student constitutes an act of academic dishonesty and their note taking services in all classes will be terminated immediately and permanently for the remainder of the academic term and the following term that they are registered in courses at Nipissing University.