Academic Skills Resources

Study Skills and Strategies

Study Guides and Strategies
This website will give you an abundance of strategies for studying effectively on your own and in groups.

ExamTime provides the opportunity to create, share, and explore other students’ electronic studying resources such as flashcards, quizzes, mind maps, and notes. Create a free account to study almost any subject!


The EC Library Website
Need help finding sources? The Library offers support online and at the Information Desk in the Harris Learning Library. This webpage includes many links to help you through the different stages of the researching process.

Time Management and Organization

Assignment Calculator
This assignment calculator will help you see the steps involved in different assignments, give you ideas for breaking large projects into more manageable parts, and provide you with a timeline to get it done on time!

Course Organizer
Use a course organizer like this one for each of your classes to keep track of your assignments, when they are due, and the grades you receive. You can also find apps with similar features such as Studyguide - Student Planner or Courses - Grade Tracker and Student Organizer.
» Fillable Course Organizer

24/7 Schedule
How are you currently spending your time? Could you be spending it more productively? Use this one week calendar to dedicate time to taking care of yourself, your studies, and your social life.
» Fillable 24/7 Schedule

Get it Done Guy
Ready-to-use tips and tricks for productivity. An audio podcast is available to the right of each blog entry. Listen while you complete other tasks!

Google Calendar
This online calendar is linked to any GMail account including your Nipissing University student email! Enter due dates, events, or anything else and receive email or pop-up notifications that will remind you where you’re supposed to be or what you’re supposed to be doing! You can share your calendar with others so you can compare schedules or keep it to yourself. Remember to add the calendar to see what we’re up to!

Referencing and Citation

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab
This online writing lab is great for obtaining resources for MLA, APA, and Chicago style formatting. Simply use the navigation bar on the left for anything from title page formatting to annotated bibliographies, and more!

Purdue University’s Citation Chart
Use Purdue’s citation chart to help you distinguish between in-text citations and reference lists for all types of sources in APA, MLA and Chicago styles.

ASA Link
Have you been asked to follow the ASA style guide? Click this link to find out how!

APA Video Tutorial
Demonstrates how to set up an APA 6th Edition paper using MS Word

APA Video Tutorial
How to make a hanging indent in MS Word (APA as example but relevant for all)

Guide to Canadian Legal Citation
The Ontario Justice Education Network has created an amazing overview of Canadian Legal Citation including foot/endnotes for different sources, bibliographic formatting, and common abbreviations.

Quick Guide to APA
For a quick double-checking of your references and works cited.

Quick Guide to MLA
For a quick double-checking of your references and works cited.

Nipissing University's Academic Dishonesty Policy
It is every student’s responsibility to read, understand, and practice Nipissing’s policy on academic dishonesty. This link will direct you to the Academic Dishonesty Policy, including what constitutes academic dishonesty and its repercussions.

Group Work

Doodle Poll
Doodle Poll is a great online tool for quickly scheduling group meetings.

Google Drive
Google Drive houses many great resources for collaboration and group work. Google Docs is much like Microsoft Word, but can accessed remotely by everyone at once. You can chat with group members, see each other’s edits, and make comments on parts of the document. Great for group papers and for brainstorming! See other Google Drive features that allow collaboration, such as Google Slides (similar to PowerPoint) and Google Sheets (similar to Excel).

Trello is a free online resource for visually organizing projects and tasks with others.

How to Form a Study Gro​up
This document is intended to encourage open communication between group members - complete each section and save the agreed upon final copy in a shared Google Drive folder so all group members can have access.
Group Work Contract.docx