Residence Withdrawal Notice

Excerpt from Residence Contact:

"Students who withdraw from residence for any reason after the first day of classes will continue to be responsible for the payment of all residence fees for the full term of this agreement, unless they no longer meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in section 2 or a new resident who is selected by Residence Administration and is not already residing in residence enters into a Residence Contract for the specific assigned residence space. There is no guarantee that Residence Administration can re-fill a space when a resident withdraws or is removed from residence. If Residence Administration is able to find a suitable replacement for that vacancy, a prorated refund will be paid to the former-resident, effective of the date that the occupancy was filled."

Please be advised that your withdrawal notice will be reviewed by a Residence Life staff member and you will be emailed to book an exit interview with your Residence Life Supervisor/Manager.

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