World University Services of Canada (WUSC)

World University Services of Canada (WUSC) is a leading Canadian non-profit organization in international development, committed to building a sustainable world. Work with a group of internationally minded individuals both on-campus and across Canada who believe “Education Changes the World” and have a passion to give back globally.

Become a part of our local WUSC committee and think globally while participating in awareness campaigns and fundraising efforts. WUSC offers leadership development, conferences and opportunities to get involved globally.

What is WUSC?

WUSC is a leading Canadian non-profit organization in international development, committed to building a sustainable world. Together, with post-secondary institutions across Canada, private-sector partners and volunteers they provide education, employment and empowerment opportunities to millions of disadvantaged youth around the world. For more information visit

How do I get involved?

Nipissing University has a local committee on campus, we are always looking for new members. Please contact us at

What is the Student Refugee Program (SRP)?

SRP is a program that Nipissing University is proud to actively participate in. The SRP program is one of WUSC’s longstanding programs, being active since 1978, and helps refugees achieve their dreams of obtaining a post-secondary education here in Canada.

At Nipissing we sponsor students for 3 years. Each Nipissing student contributes $2.50 each year to this program. We also raise funds through our annual Ten Thousand Villages Sale.

Nipissing University has graduated 3 SRP students to date and is welcoming a new student on campus in September of 2017.

For more information on the program visit

What is Ten Thousand Villages?

Ten Thousand Villages offers fair trade products selling artisan-crafted personal accessories, home décor and gift items from around the globe. Look for WUSC’s annual sale in December of 2017! For more information visit:

What is Shine a Light?

Girls in refugee camps are expected to help with domestic chores and sibling care, limiting their opportunity to go to school. Most of them don’t get to finish primary school, let alone high school. In many secondary school classrooms, boys outnumber girls 4:1.

Help us raise funds so we can continue with our goal of supporting refugee girls’ education, while talking about obstacles girls around the world face in pursuing school. With your support, young girls in refugee camps can continue to study and gain the self-confidence they need to succeed! For more information visit: