About the Campus Map

Campus Map Screenshot

The university’s new online campus map is mobile-friendly and offers significantly more functionality than a printed map or free online map. Optimized for desktop and mobile devices, the map provides usability for all guests to the site -- on or off campus.

The detailed renderings of the campus academic buildings, Harris Learning Library, athletic facilities, and residence complexes have been created from satellite imagery and on-site photography, to ensure an accurate representation.

Each location on the map is conveniently organized by building or area of interest, with sub-categories such as Accessibility, Student Spaces or Labs/Research included. Each location can include one or multiple images, a video, and a detailed description with a link for more information.

Click here for a video map overview​


The new map allows users to navigate our North Bay campus inside and out. With the wayfinding feature, a user can go from building-to-building, floor-to-floor or room-to-room. Finding a classroom has never been easier!

Campus Grounds

The natural setting of Nipissing University is one of the most popular features of the campus. It is now easier than ever to find your way from any residence building to the walking trails, or from the Monastery Hall to the Jane Street studio.

The RJ Surtees Student Athletics Centre facilities, Lakers Varsity, and Recreation locations are displayed in great detail.

The Nordic ski trails and Walking trails are superimposed on the map and provide accurate directions that are easily accessible from any mobile device.


The virtual walking tour allows a prospective student or campus visitor to experience a guided step-by-step tour.

Nipissing University is home to a significant collection of both historical and contemporary paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures. These pieces of art are a tremendous resource for students and faculty alike and are incorporated into lesson plans, assist research and are on exhibition throughout the University. The virtual art tour highlights many of the works in this collection and most definitely enriches the atmosphere on campus.


The map is intended to serve as a helpful resource for the Nipissing University community. The online map can be customized to highlight locations or services for specific purposes or events. These customized map views can be shared digitally, saved, or printed in event materials.


The map’s content management system is very flexible and is capable of meeting our current and future needs. Any feedback and suggestions we get from the community will greatly improve the usefulness of the map. Please share your suggestions or report any errors here.​​​​​​