Overload Request

A student may be permitted to take a course overload at this university after they have received permission from an Academic Advisor. Students are normally allowed to register in a maximum of 30 credits in the Fall/Winter session but under certain circumstances a student will be allowed to take a maximum three-credit overload per term or six credits over an entire academic year.

Course loads are calculated on all courses in which a student is registered, this includes courses taken on a Letter of Permission. Please consult the Academic Calendar or the following for the official regulations on course overloads:


  1. You must be a full-time student  
  2. You must have an excellent academic record with an overall average of B+ or better (75%+)
  3. You must have been in a full 30 credits in the previous fall/winter term and in those 30 credits you can not have any failed credits.
  4. You can not have any failed grades from the previous Spring/Summer session.
  5. First year students cannot take an overload.

How to Apply

The Overload Request can be submitted via WebAdvisor and may be found under the heading Academic Profile. 

If you have any questions regarding course overloads, please contact 
Academic Advising at 705-474-3450, ext: 4358.