Terms of Reference

Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board

Terms of Reference

1. Mandate

1.1 The purpose of the Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board (NUAAB) is to act as a liaison between Nipissing University and the alumni. They represent the alumni of Nipissing University.

1.2 The purpose of the Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board (NUAAB) is to provide advice and feedback to the Board of Governors of Nipissing University on its directions, policies, and services as they affect the Nipissing University community.

2. Objectives

2.1 The objectives of the Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board are:

  • to act as a resource to the Board of Governors on planning, implementation and evaluation of University services and activities.
  • to serve as a formal mechanism to exchange ideas and concerns related to Nipissing University, as identified by board members and their constituents in the alumni community.
  • to serve as a communications vehicle to the alumni community on the work and plans of Nipissing University and its impact on the alumni community.

3. Rights 

3.1 In the event that the NUAAB determines its membership or terms of reference not to be appropriate, it shall have the power to recommend and implement amendments to these Terms of Reference. This requires a two-thirds vote from the board and previous notice to make any changes.

3.2 The NUAAB can strike ad-hoc committees when needed.

4. Membership

4.1 The NUAAB shall consist of a maximum of 13 voting members, preference to representation from all three campuses, community member and staff/faculty member. Ideally with representation from various years of graduation. Each member will have voting rights with the exception of the Office Administrator & Alumni Relations Advisor, Assistant Vice-President Students, Past President, Past Vice-President Finance.

4.2 Membership shall include the following representatives:

  • Nipissing University Alumni - 10
  • Nipissing University Student Ambassadors (NUSA) - 1
  • Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU) - 1
  • Board of Governors Representative – 1 
  • Past President & Past Vice-President Finance (invited back for 1 year) – 2
  • Office Administrator & Alumni Relations Advisor Ex-officio (Who will act as the Secretary/Non-Voting Member) – 1
  • Assistant Vice-President Students Ex-officio or designate – 1

4.3 Nipissing University Alumni include graduates from North Bay Normal School, North Bay Teachers’ College, Nipissing University College, and Nipissing University.

4.4 Members serve a two-year term and may express to remain on the NUAAB for a maximum of three consecutive terms. 

4.5 An Executive consisting of a President and Vice-President Finance will be nominated and elected at the last regular meeting of the NUAAB every two years. The Executive positions must be held by an alumnus. The Executive may be re-elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

4.6 Membership shall be offered annually based on the recruitment plan of the NUAAB.

4.7 New Members: Ideally all new members will begin their term in September after they attend the Annual Board Retreat.

4.8 Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed in the last meeting each year. 

4.9 Retiring Members/Resignations: A board member can retire and resign at any point via email or verbally at a meeting.

4.10 Responsibilities of Board Members:

  • Attend the scheduled 5 meetings per year
  • Attend the Annual Retreat (usually held early September)
  • Be available and offer service and support at alumni events
  • Initiate outreach to alumni and bring questions or suggestions raised by alumni to the NUAAB for discussion

4.11 Meeting Etiquette:

  • Members will abide by time guidelines, stick to the agenda, and make an effort to guide themselves using the philosophy of “principles before personalities”. Each member will maintain a positive, friendly and open environment where all contributions are welcomed. Members are expected to listen to others without interruption and to speak in turn.

5. Quorum

5.1 A majority of all voting members in attendance or via proxy shall constitute a quorum for the meetings of the NUAAB.

6. Process

6.1 The Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board shall meet five 卌 times per year plus an annual retreat meeting will be held (usually September) of each year. Succession planning and critical path will be determined at the annual retreat. An agenda for each meeting shall be sent at least 3 days working days prior to the meeting. Members of the Board will be encouraged to contribute to the agenda.

6.2 The NUAAB can decide to schedule ad hoc meetings if necessary.

6.3 If required the executives can request votes be conducted via email.

7. Reporting

7.1 The Office Administrator & Alumni Relations, as part of Student Development & Services, will maintain and update the website of all relevant events, services, and information pertaining to the NUAAB. 

7.2 The NUAAB reports to the Nipissing University Board of Governors and Senate.

7.3 The NUAAB reports to the Nipissing University Alumni through the various communication channels.

8. Board Member Job Descriptions 

  • Represents the Alumni population at alumni events
  • Ensures meeting stays on topic, on time and that all members have opportunity in discussion
  • Creates agendas with the assistance of the Office Administrator & Alumni Relations Advisor
  • Attend the scheduled Board of Governors meetings (arranges for a replacement from within the Board if attendance is not possible)
  • Sits on the Alumni Awards Selection Committee
Vice-President Finance
  • Provides budget guidelines and financial reports
  • Represents the Alumni population at alumni events if President is absent
  • Assist President in duties and responsibilities
Office Administrator & Alumni Relations Advisor
  • Acts as the Recording Secretary for the NUAAB. Responsible for the organization of meeting logistics including taking and distributing meeting agendas and minutes
  • Update and advise on Alumni Relations activities and events
  • Coordinate the media and promotion submissions with the President and Vice-President Finance
  • Assist with event planning
  • Coordinate promotional materials
  • Coordinate Alumni Award nominations and bring forward to the Selection Committee for review and selection